Asset Tracking GPS-Buddy

Asset tracking / Internet of things

The right equipment at the right moment available at the right location. Whether it concerns vehicles, trailers, construction containers or other materials, our solutions can make the location of your property overseeable in different ways, both in real-time and via reports.

Besides our GPS-based solutions, we also offer a solution that is based on the principle in which all equipment or tools are connected to the Internet (the so-called Internet of Things). The transmitters use very little energy and are easy to place. This solution is ideally suited for the management of small equipment or equipment that have no power supply of their own. We also work together with a number of partners for this so that your equipment is still connected via the Internet even when it is located at a remote construction site.

All company equipment, even the equipment that has no power supply, can be monitored online. This way, you save money and time because your property (assets) can be found via Internet in a management environment. Lastly, it is also possible in that same management environment to monitor and register the operating hours of your (mobile) company equipment. Remote control; error-free invoicing, smart maintenance and supreme sense of security.

Sluitende facturering

Conclusive invoicing: Complete insight into the use of your work equipment and machines; all the necessary information, both real-time and historic, accessibly supplied so that you can bill your customers accurately and based on concrete, documented data. This way also makes internal charging to the relevant departments considerably easier.

Volledig inzicht

Complete insight: Whether it concerns vehicles, containers or machines, the location of all of your company property should be known at all times. GPS-Buddy offers you the possibility of connecting all of your property to the Internet. No matter how small the material or if it has its own power supply or not and including materials at remote construction sites. This will give you insight into your company property at any given moment.

Efficiënte onderhoudsplanning

Efficient maintenance scheduling: Based on the reports of the operating hours of your equipment and machines, you can efficiently schedule maintenance or inspections. This will prolong the lifespan of your valuable assets.

Preventie tegen diefstal-Geofencing

Theft prevention / Geofencing: Expensive equipment are popular among thieves. Would you like to monitor your equipment at specific locations? GPS-Buddy can offer you this possibility based on a geofence, the so-called virtual demarcation in a geographical area. When the object leaves the protected area, an automatic message will be generated and sent via a (sms) text message or e-mail. This will enable you to respond quickly in case of theft and provide the police with up-to-date information.