A full and accurate real-time overview of all of your materials and people in just one click. Whether these are in transport or at the construction site, you will always have all the information concerning the work patterns, work and travel hours and (project) costs available to be able to quickly control, monitor and manage them.

With one push of the button, our systems give an accurate real-time overview of the external work activities. You will know exactly how much time one needs to arrive at a construction site, the duration of an assignment, the number of kilometres driven, stops in between, etc. With our smart identification solutions, we can also carry out hour registration, which will simplify your related administration.

The asset management possibilities ensure that all materials (with or without own power supply) will be localised via the Internet, or the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). Management is simplified because all of the information, for both the materials and the employees is available in one system. It will also prevent having to look for specific machines, inspection authorities and service technicians can be sent to the actual location immediately and this will save you time.

As a ‘preferred supplier’ of the Dutch Construction sector (‘Bouwend Nederland’), we supply a large number of systems for the construction industry. In addition, we also have a framework agreement with this umbrella organisation.

GPS-Buddy oplossingen voor bouwbedrijven en aannemers

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