Formule Logistics
Grip op voertuigen, rijgedrag en geconditioneerde ladingen

Logistics service provider Formule Logistics BV, specialist in conditioned, air-conditioned and extra secure transport and courier services, has built up a complete fleet management system step by step by adding functionality over time from the modular portfolio of GPS-Buddy.


“24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we put our heart and soul into transporting the most diverse shipments: from small parcels to complex transports: nothing is strange to us”, says Jeroen Walravens, owner of Formule Logistics. “We work with the latest techniques and resources in order to provide the highest quality. We now have 58 vehicles, 16 trailers and 90 drivers, and every day we continue to grow towards what we want to be: the most complete and reliable partner in the field of (urgent) shipments and linehauls, both domestically and abroad. But above all, we are and remain a family business. We all know each other; we know what is going on in the workplace and what is happening on the road. 

We stand for short lines, direct communication and smooth collaboration. It is then necessary to have an overview in order to be cost-efficient and provide the customer with the right information. The modular setup of the GPS-Buddy system grows with us, as it were, forming a Fleet Management System that is fully in line with our personal business operations.”


Over 10 years ago, Formula Logistics started equipping the courier delivery vans with track & trace equipment from GPS-Buddy to monitor the various vans. Understanding the exact location of a vehicle makes it easier to plan and process incoming orders and manage customer expectations in the best possible way. This not only enables the couriers to be deployed more efficiently, but also allows internal departments to focus on their core tasks.

Due to the further growth and professionalisation of the organisation, the need for a grip on the other vehicles has increased. The box trucks, trucks and trailers are now also equipped with the Track & Trace solution from GPS-Buddy and their location information is shared in real-time within the management platform. This enables the employees of the Planning Department to see where all the different company assets are located at a glance, so that they can be deployed appropriately. 

“If you look at trailers it immediately becomes clear where the huge cost advantage lies. In the past it sometimes happened that it was not clear where a trailer was located, as we also charter trailers to third parties. Now we can immediately see where ‘our’ vehicles are in Europe, which makes planning more efficient. The time previously needed to trace a trailer can now be used for more useful things”, says Walravens.


By linking the GPS-Buddy system to the CANbus, Formula Logistics can also access various vehicle data from the same management platform; not only consumption data based on driving style, but also engine hours. Walravens: “Optimising the driving behaviour of our drivers has delivered significant savings in fuel costs, helping us to meet the sector's prescribed CO2 reduction targets. Also, we can now diagnose for preventative maintenance including warranty repair and service records, which has further reduced costs and keeps vehicle safety high”. 

Thanks to the modular setup, it was also easy for Formula Logistics to unlock the data from the digital tachograph. The Tachograph Remote Download solution from GPS-Buddy provides insight into the shift times, the remaining driving & rest times and the speed of trucks, among other things, within the management platform. Tachograph and driver card data stored in the vehicle can be read 24/7, including data from temporary or external drivers. The fully automated process requires no interaction from the driver.

“Digitising the process around the tachograph simplifies the work of planners and drivers. The card does not have to be turned in and read every 2 weeks, which saves a lot of time for both. Plus, we are now sure that all the data has been read and we comply with the driving time regulations. In addition, the system allows us to easily and accurately generate violation letters that we can use, if necessary, to point out violations to drivers. This saves us time and fines”, concludes Walravens.


Formule Logistics transports medicines, oxygen and other medical goods with their own storage temperature for various clients in the Benelux. It also provides refrigerated transport for clients in the food sector. The transport of temperature-sensitive goods puts high demands on the transport process. Active temperature monitoring and real-time registration of the temperature progression of these goods are essential to guarantee the quality during transport. Formula Logistics' conditioned transport vehicles are fitted with wireless temperature sensors from GPS-Buddy and connected to the organisation's transport management system. The driver is alerted if the temperature drops or rises too much, depending on the set temperature range. The temperature progression is also registered within the management platform. “This way, the cause of the change in temperature can be quickly resolved, the quality of the cargo is guaranteed and we meet the requirements of the HACCP legislation. Because we can provide the measured temperature directly in a report to our client, we can offer guarantees and there is no discussion afterwards. Quality and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance to us and this is how we can guarantee that”, concludes Walravens.