GPS-Buddy introduces magnetic asset tracking systems

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GPS-Buddy introduces two magnetic asset tracking systems. The GPS-Buddy AT-L and the GPS-Buddy AT-S offer a cost-efficient solution for localising company property without a power source. Especially for localising such materials as containers and scaffolding, these asset trackers offer an ideal solution. Because the AT-S and the AT-L come equipped with strong magnets and the housing is (splash) water-proof, they are easy to place on even the most varied range of company property. For the owner, the location is easily visible via an app or web portal.

The AT-L and the AT-S use both the GPRS as the GSM network. This ensures that precise location information is always available. What’s more, both systems are also equipped with a battery making this an even more robust solution. The AT-S is (splash) water-proof and is the perfect solution for short-term projects. The AT-L is water-proof and also equipped with a rechargeable battery, making this an appropriate solution for the long-term, too.

Users of a GPS-Buddy fleet management solution have access to both the vehicle information and other company property within the management environment. This means that customers can be better and faster informed.

The asset trackers are immediately available.

Planner app engels

GPS-Buddy introduces new Planner app

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GPS-Buddy, the trendsetter in the area of fleet and asset management, launches its completely upgraded Planner app. With this upgraded app, planners, administrative staff and fleet managers will quickly and conveniently have an overall picture of the driver and vehicle related information. With the renewed Planner app, it is possible, among others, to see the real-time status of the scheduled assignments, per vehicle or for all vehicles. You can also see, per vehicle, which percentage of the time the vehicle arrived on time or too late. It is also possible to display traffic information in addition to the actual route. Users of the Planner app will hereby have access to highly detailed information for each individual vehicle. This will enable them to provide customers with sufficient information, even when they’re not physically at the office.

The Planner app is particularly well-suited for employees who are on the road a lot but still need to have access to the latest status information. What’s more, the app also offers numerous options to filter the set of expansive information, by utilising groups, for example. If a company is already using the Driver app, the Planner or administrative employee will even be able to see the percentage of completed tasks in the Planner app. These options, combined with the upgraded look and feel, ensure that employees will be more productive with the Planner app, the number of telephone calls will be drastically reduced and customer satisfaction will increase.

The new Planner app runs on Android and will be available in the Google Play Store starting from the end of March.

GPS-Buddy introduces new low-end vehicle tracking system

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GPS-Buddy, the trendsetter in the area of fleet and asset management, introduces its new vehicle tracking system during Transport Complete trade fair in Hardenberg, the Netherlands. This low-end system bases on an OBD II connector is quick an easy to install in any vehicle. Measuring 6.7 cm x 5 cm, the system is also quite manageable. The smaller size combined with the ease of installation ensures that this system is ideally suited for companies with a rapidly changing fleet. The OBD system offers a real solution also for tracking random, incidental vehicle rides, such as test-drives.

Desmond van Kooten, GBP-Buddy Sales Director explains: “The mobility market is changing. With big shortage in drivers and pressure on the current road network, the transport sector is becoming increasingly inventive. To avoid driving ‘empty’ as much as possible and to compensate for a capacity shortage, a drive or a freight may vey well be outsourced to a third party. With an OBD II connector, this drive or freight can still be tracked quickly. In addition, the system can also easily be implemented when lease cars or replacement transport is used.”

The real-time drive information is visible via the GPS-Buddy web portal, the Studio environment and the GPS-Buddy apps.