Digital tachograph link

The digital tachograph link ensures a uniform integration of the tachograph data with your fleet management system. You receive all the legally relevant data from the internal memory of the tachograph (mass memory) and the driver’s card in your own data environment. With this solution, it will no longer be necessary to have employees read out the tachographs periodically: this can now be done from any location at any time. This will enable you to schedule your vehicle more efficiently and avoid unnecessary stand-stills. You will also be in compliance with all the legal requirements concerning your archiving obligation. Lastly, you can directly address your employees whenever they fail to adhere to the driving and rest times. This will help prevent penalties.

Op ieder gewenst moment actuele planningsinformatie

Up-to-date planning information at any time: Efficient planning is only possible when you can rely on the current information, such as the registered drive and rest times. With the digital tachograph link, all data that is stored in the tachograph of the vehicle and the data from drivers’ cards can be sent through to your company planners. Our software provides a direct visualisation and a transparent overview of the data that is needed for optimal planning.

Archiveren van tachograafgegevens

Archiving tachograph data (mass memory): Companies are legally required to store the archived data from the tachograph for a considerable time. That is why GPS-Buddy offers the ‘tacho storage’ application with which data is stored and secured according to the legal requirements*.
*The GPS-Buddy digital tachograph module complies with the legal archiving requirement of data from tachographs in accordance with the current European drive and working hours’ regulation (561/06).

Analyseren, interpreteren en integreren

Analyse, interpret and integrate: The expansive reporting options make the tachograph data and drivers’ information overseeable. These reports can help you, for example, to address drivers when they fail to comply with the drive and rest time legislation and this can help prevent penalties.