GPS-Buddy driver app

GPS-Buddy Driver App

Your employees spend a lot of time on the road. Unfortunately, this also means they are often faced with traffic congestion and detours or with appointments that are changed at the last minute. The GPS Buddy Driver app is the ultimate solution for these problems. The Driver app immediately changes your android device into an efficient hand-held fleet management solution.

The Driver app offers an integrated environment for both the communication between employees at the office and the driver, as well as for the completion of assignments and navigation. The driver on the road is constantly kept up-to-date on the actual planning. All of the information regarding a client or assignment can also easily be accessed quickly, whether it may be to sign a work order or register packaging. When a vehicle is equipped with sensors, the Driver app offers the possibility of informing the driver about, for example, the actual temperature in the loading space. This guarantees that the load will be transported in the most optimal conditions.

The smart navigation options ensure that the most optimal route is selected as based on the actual traffic information. For lorry drivers, we also offer lorry navigation software. Here, in planning the route, specific transport conditions, measurements and the weight of the vehicle are taken into account.

You lower your operational costs, reduce the administrative overhead and enhance customer satisfaction.

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Most significant characteristics

  • Receive tasks
  • Receive messages and navigation instructions
  • Safe navigation straight to the locationDriver app
  • Actual temperature of the loading space
  • Overview of I/O sensors
  • Package registration option
  • Asset management option
  • Delivery receipts
  • Finalise tasks and signatures