Fuel savings and smart maintenance

Thanks to the CANbus module, essential vehicle data is analysed without any delay whatsoever. This gives you a clear and reliable overview of, among others, fuel consumption, speed, revs, braking information and FMS data for each individual vehicle. This information can also directly be imported in a programme that schedules maintenance so that you can determine the service requirements accurately and efficiently for each vehicle. The precise registration of fuel consumption also offers you the possibility of carrying out an exact cost calculation. Lastly, the information about speed, the number of revs and brake information can be used to influence the driving behaviour of a driver in a positive manner.

Green driving: The real-time data that is acquired via the CANbus module, also gives you immediate and clear insight in to the driving behaviour of your driver. The fuel consumption calculation gives a clear picture of (often unnecessary) use, such as running the engine while stationary. Based on this information, you can coach your employees and motivate them to improve their driving style and reduce their fuel consumption.

Action-oriented reports: All data in one overview. These allow you to have access over such factual information as fuel consumption which will enable you to compare drivers on various values. You can also combine this data with other reports which will help you to arrange your business processes even better and more fully. Making real-time vehicle data overseeable and being able to anticipate these results in, among others, less damage, fuel savings, reduced CO2 emissions, better driving behaviour, smart maintenance scheduling and an optimal implementation of your staff and fleet.