GPS-Buddy Apps

Time is money. A centuries-old given that is still current today. This means that you want to deploy your staff, your machines and your vehicles as efficiently as possible. GPS-Buddy helps you with her apps. To coordinate the flow of information as much as possible with the task or function of a person, a Planner and a Driver app have been developed.

GPS-Buddy Planner app
Via the GPS-Buddy Planner app on your smartphone, you are always up-to-date on the latest developments concerning your fleet and/or machines. Whether it concerns an overview of routes driven, the latest positions of your vehicles or communication with your employees.
More information on the Planner App

GPS-Buddy Driver app
Your employees are optimally accessible and deployable thanks to the Driver app. In the Driver app they can see, among other things, which customers they should visit, indicate whether packaging is loaded or unloaded, register work times and have work orders signed.
More information on the Driver App