GPS-Buddy introduces its new vehicle tracking system at the Transport Compleet trade show in Gorinchem, the Netherlands. This low-end vehicle tracking system is quick and easy to install out of sight in any type of vehicle. The system that measures 7.6 cm X 4.2 cm is also ideally suited for motorcycles. Despite its modest dimensions, the GPS-Buddy Basic offers all the necessary fucntionality to be able to establish the real time position of a vehicle qucikly and efficiently. Fleet managers who also offer other means of transport in addition to vehicles, have the option with the GPS-Buddy Basic to register and manage the data from these other means of transport in a management environment.

Desmond van Kooten, Sales Director at GPS-Buddy explains: “We have a broad portfolio of solutions for tracking, among others, materials and vehicles. The QBD connector which was introduced earlier this year, is the easiest way to quickly track a vehicle. Het GPS-Buddy XL system offers clients the possibility of customising the route regsitration functionality to meet the needs of clients with specific solutions. The GPS-Buddy Basic is a low-end, built-in system that offers a more permanent solution when compared to the QBD connector. In addition, the Basic unit is also a viable solution for motorcycles. This way, we can offer mobility managers and fleet managers the option of being able to monitor and manage all kinds of means of transport within an environment.”

The real time route information is visible via the GPS-Buddy web portal, the Studio environment and the GPS-Buddy apps.