GPS-Buddy introduces two magnetic asset tracking systems. The GPS-Buddy AT-L and the GPS-Buddy AT-S offer a cost-efficient solution for localising company property without a power source. Especially for localising such materials as containers and scaffolding, these asset trackers offer an ideal solution. Because the AT-S and the AT-L come equipped with strong magnets and the housing is (splash) water-proof, they are easy to place on even the most varied range of company property. For the owner, the location is easily visible via an app or web portal.

The AT-L and the AT-S use both the GPRS as the GSM network. This ensures that precise location information is always available. What’s more, both systems are also equipped with a battery making this an even more robust solution. The AT-S is (splash) water-proof and is the perfect solution for short-term projects. The AT-L is water-proof and also equipped with a rechargeable battery, making this an appropriate solution for the long-term, too.

Users of a GPS-Buddy fleet management solution have access to both the vehicle information and other company property within the management environment. This means that customers can be better and faster informed.

The asset trackers are immediately available.