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Green driving – CSR

As a modern entrepreneur, you make conscious choices to find the balance between responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship on one hand and profits on the other. If you happen to do a lot work for municipalities, then the tendering process will also ask what about your efforts in the area of sustainable entrepreneurship.

The GPS-Buddy solutions help you to actively reduce your CO2 emissions. The optimal routes will be calculated which will reduce the number of unnecessary kilometres driven and therefore also reduce fuel consumption. Our solutions do not stop there, however, as all of the essential vehicle information and information about the driver can be registered. By addressing drivers on demonstrable driving behaviour, you can motivate them to adopt a more environment-friendly driving style.


Planning: The planner has total control over the fleet at any moment, and can proactively intervene so that assignments can be scheduled as efficiently as possible. No more unnecessary rides or stops; maximum implementation of your staff and vehicles which will save on unnecessary kilometres.


Navigation: By linking our fleet management systems to high-value navigation solutions such as Here truck navigation and Garmin systems, your drivers have their own traffic manager at their disposal. This ‘digital’ manager safely and efficiently guides the drivers to their destination by presenting any and all relevant traffic information. Advanced software can accurately predict streams of traffic and offer advice where necessary. Your employees will not only be driving safer, but will also be taking the best and fastest routes which eliminate inefficient stop-start driving behaviour. With the help of the Eco route module by Garmin, drivers also have their own fuel coach in the vehicle. Drivers are constantly kept informed about their driving style and are given advice on shift and braking behaviour.

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Corporate Social Responsibility: With intelligent and accurate navigation, efficient planning and the economic driving style of your drivers, you contribute to a better environment. And every kilometre saved is not only a benefit to your organisation in figures, but also contributes in keeping your ecological footprint small.


Sustainability programme: In order to give ‘Green driving’ an extra stimulus within your company, GPS-Buddy offers the option of making a number of aspects available while driving such as speed, fuel consumption and acceleration. Based on this information, the driving behaviour of your employees is assessed according to a point system. By rewarding employees who have the highest scores, a friendly competition is created within your company with the ultimate goal being to drive as green as possible. This positive approach will contribute to your employees being more aware when they are in traffic by reducing their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.