For the food and beverage and non-food industry, Hocras is an established name in ‘t Gooi. With a history that dates back to 1925, the warehouse has expanded into a modern company with today, an assortment of over 40,000 articles. In 1925, we delivered crated of beer with horse and carriage, by now, Hocras is comprised of a self-serve warehouse in Bussum, a location in Weesp and a new expedition centre in Almere. From this spacious expedition centre, we load dozens of trucks with goods every day for our customers throughout the Netherlands. These range from small lunchrooms to national chains, every order is carefully compiled at night. The GPS-Buddy solutions help Hocras flexibly supply our customers, without affecting the quality of the goods. ICT Manager Richard Martens further explains the collaboration with GPS-Buddy.

Enhanced level of service

It is essential for the customers of Hocras that the supplies are delivered within the agreed delivery times. Richard explains: “These type of conditions are becoming increasingly more important, the success of our customers’ operation depends on the products we supply. That is partially also why we started looking for a solution to make the location and transport conditions of our drivers more accessible. The location information helps us, among others, to optimise the routes and pro-actively inform our customers. With this information we can enhance our delivery reliability and level of service. Furthermore, in order to ensure the quality of our products, it is very important that we can maintain temperatures during transport in addition to monitoring the location, the route and the stop-start moments.”

GPS-Buddy referentie Hocras
GPS-Buddy referentie Hocras_kantoor

Good quality is essential

In order to ensure the high quality of the foods, Hocras has equipped the trucks with temperature sensors in the compartments. These assorted compartments can be configured for varying cold zones. If the temperatures in a space vary too much from the configured limits, an alarm is generated and we are able to respond. A deviating temperature may be caused by, for example, one of the cooling engines malfunctioning, but it could also be due to the fact that a truck is opened many times or is left open for too long. In these cases, the driver can be asked to quickly close the door and keep a better eye on the transport conditions.

Customised service

The clientele of Hocras are mostly situated in the middle of the Netherlands, but also such national chains such as Fletcher Hotels, utilise the services of Hocras. The fact that the company from Bussum excels at servicing its customers is evidenced by the fact that it also handles the logistics for Fletcher Hotels. Richard continues: “We are the food and beverage supplier for Fletcher Hotels and we are also their logistical partner. We distribute all of the materials that are used throughout the chain. This means that only for them, we carry such unusual consumer goods as umbrellas, guest supplies and other third party products and we distribute these to the hotels at the moment a logistical coordinator at Fletcher requests it. We also carry their magazines. We deliver these along with our own products. The advantage of this construction is that Fletcher only has to deal with a limited number of suppliers. That means they have fewer supplier visits, reducing CO2 emissions; the number of kilometres that we drive without a full load can also be limited this way.”


Freedom of choice

Richard sums up: “That intense collaboration we have with Fletcher Hotels is a great example of how a small company can think big and excel. We offer standard deliveries, but when desired, we can also offer our customers this kind of customised service. We see this same concept being implemented at GPS-Buddy. From the very first moment, our contact with them was enjoyable. We compared a couple of solutions and the quotation GPS-Buddy finally provided was ideally suited to our wishes. What’s more, we also have a number of our own systems in place; the fact that our own software can seamlessly work side-by-side with the software of GPS-Buddy and we can use it freely, is a terrific advantage for us. GPS-Buddy is also located nearby, so installing the systems was easily arranged.”