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Realtime 24/7 worldwide Track & Trace, geofencing combined with notification features, Shock resistant and waterproof, rechargeable and replaceable batteries and compatible with our Temperature Registration

GPS-Buddy Driver App

To manage your fleet more efficiently, we have reinvented the GPS-Buddy Driver App.

Complete fleet management solutions

With our high quality systems you can manage, trace, plan, monitor, communicate with, navigate and identify your entire fleet very simply. A complete overview of all your vehicles and working equipment out in the field at a glance.

Temperature recording

The GPS-Buddy temperature sensors: continual monitoring and recording of the temperature of the load area, and reproduced in clear reports. In complete accordance with HACCP.

Fuel savings and optimal maintenance

The CANbus module provides you with a precise picture of fuel consumption, driving style and status with respect to maintenance scheduling - this results in less CO2 emissions and smart maintenance management.

Track & Trace

Would you like to manage your vehicle fleet simply, safely and in the best possible way? We would like to help you. Our advanced, high quality products and services provide you with a treasure chest of information with just the touch of a button. A demonstrably cost-saving management tool that also ensures greater levels of safety for both your employees and your property while 'on the move'.

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Everything under our own control

We carry out the entire process, from ‘the manufacture of’, right through to implementation and installation ourselves. The professional service group takes care of the flawless process of hardware installation, our IT consultants ensure perfect integration of the software, and our multilingual help and support desk assists wherever necessary.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are convinced that each business process can be set up in a sustainable way and see it as our responsibility to provide specific solutions that can reduce the levels of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. With a special program that we offer, we want to increase awareness resulting in the adoption of 'greener' driving styles. This way we also can contribute to a better living environment.

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