Integration process

In order to optimise your operation, it is necessary that an exchange of data takes place between the different software systems. Our software is programmed in such a way that (all) desired links with external automation and management information systems can easily be implemented.

GPS-Buddy by now has over 1800 customers with countless examples of successful links. Our IT consultants have linked GPS-Buddy to a whole range of projects, including, for example, route optimisation programmes. Links with programmes for transport management systems (TMS), CAO compensation, account planning, SAP systems, ERP systems and CRM systems are also possible. Per project, we can consult with you to find the best solution for your company.


Uitgebreide koppelingsmogelijkheden

Extensive linking possibilities: With the aid of a reliable protocol, GPS-Buddy ensures that the available data can be quickly and safely linked to your existing software system. You do not need to have detailed knowledge of our data base and you can work in your own trusted applications that give you direct access to our data.

Foutloze informatiestroom

Error-free stream of information: You decide what suits your company best; we guarantee an error-free stream of information, fully customised to meet your needs!