Kilometre and ride registration

Real-time insight into the mobility of your employees, from anywhere. Our vehicle tracking system accurately registers every kilometre that the drivers of your vehicle cover. A personal identification key makes it possible to quickly and easily distinguish among business kilometres, private drive kilometres and the home-work commute. This considerably simplifies your administrative duties; no more vague overviews or random notes with the number of kilometres on it, but an efficient method that will correspond to your administration. An overseeable kilometre registration will also ensure that your invoicing will be less time-intensive and completely transparent.

ID key

ID Key: With a personal key, every driver can easily keep track of his kilometre and ride registration, regardless of which vehicle is driven in. This will give you as an entrepreneur a corresponding registration for the salary administration, invoicing and the tax authority.

prive en werk

Private or work: The driver can indicate whether he is driving in his private time or for business. The registered kilometres are neatly divided in the reports so that you will have a clear overview and will be able to demonstrate to the tax authority precisely which kilometres were driven in your private time.


Tax authority: The tax authority imposes a number of requirements for kilometre registration (Fleet Management Systems Hallmark). Such information as the brand, type of car, licence plate number and period in which the vehicle was available must be carefully registered. In addition, also for every individual car ride, certain information must be documented; this includes the date and the starting and end position of the odometer. Our systems carefully record everything, in full compliance with the tax authority’s requirements. Crystal clear kilometre registration, also for the tax authority!