If you are an entrepreneur in the courier branch, it is important that the orders arrive safely at the prescribed time.

With the various solutions of the GPS-Buddy, you can keep your customers up-to-date on the shipments and any possible delays. This is done via a web portal which customers can login to themselves and follow the shipment in real-time by using geofencing, for example. By defining a specific area around a customer, it is possible to generate an alarm notification when a courier enters this area. After receiving this notification, you can pro-actively contact the customer to indicate that the shipment has nearly arrived at the destination.

This track and trace system supplies an accurate real-time overview of the precise location with just one push of a button. Via the linked navigation, your courier is guided to the destination via the shortest possible route. Ad-hoc assignments can quickly and efficiently be scheduled based on the location information. The GPS-Buddy Driver App also enables you to immediately and quickly provide your employees all the information they need. Information about the contact person or the shipment being transported is directly available to the courier. The digital work slip also allows you to have your customers sign upon delivery.

This gives all parties a safe feeling and saves money!