Marco Eitens Transport specialises in distribution transport, cool and fresh transport and airfreight transport. The company has grown tremendously in a short time and this meant we had to expand to our fleet. Our customers also have specific demands when it comes to temperature control during transport. In order to optimise our business operations and enhance customer satisfaction, the company decided to use the solutions of GPS-Buddy.

Growth of business demand for different solutions

Marco Eitens explains: “My transport company just kept growing, even despite my plans and ideas. Initially, I was the only driver. I kept this up for a while, but then the moment came for me to choose. Should I turn down customers or hire new staff? I chose the latter. Hiring new staff also meant I had to expand my fleet. What’s more, my new customers also had specific demands, particularly in the area of temperature control. I needed a solution that would really support my business operations. Coinicidentally, I noticed the GPS-Buddy stand at a trade fair and was impressed by the options they offered.”

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Realtime information provides insight

One of the options GPS-Buddy offers is making the actual location and the routes driven of both our own vehicles and the chartered lorries accessible. “By giving my customers their own account, they can follow their own routes in detail. Whenever a customer wants to know the actual location of a vehicle, he only needs to log in and he will immediately see where his vehicle is located in real time. This eliminates a great deal of telephone traffic. In addition, it’s very convenient for me to be able to generate a report with all the routes per vehicle per day or week. This gives me a better and especially a more conclusive overview and is much less time intensive than having to process all the routes manually. For my chartered vehicles, I use GPS-Buddy trailer packs. With these, you do not need to do any installation in the chartered vehicles and you can still trace the vehicles in real time.”

Transport conditions are crucial

Besides the real time insight into the location and the daily reports, temperature control is also hugely important for those customers who use my cool and fresh transport services. “My customers deliver to the distribution centres of supermarkets and fast food chains, among others. They also often transport medicine. For both vegetables and medicine, it is essential that the transport temperature is recorded thoughout the entire trajectory. I now have the ability to register the actual transport temperature at any time and provide reports to the parties involved. This way, transport becomes part of a closed chain of registration.

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Reduce administrative overhead

The solutions of GPS-Buddy not only offer the advantage of being able to streamline my contact with customers, but also offer many advantages for my business operations. “The administration of the various routes and drivers is often very complex and time-intensive. Thanks to GPS-Buddy, I am no longer solely dependent on the information that the drivers give me. Now I have clear information about the routes driven. I can even print this information at any moment I choose, and I no longer have to wait, for example, for a driver to submit his list.

The administration and storage of the tachograph information has truly been simplified with the digital tachograph connection from GPS-Buddy. “As your business grows, you not only have more responsibily towards yourself, but also towards your colleagues. Reading out the tachograph information and driver’s cards always took a great deal of time. Now I can print these whenever I like. On top of all that, this option also gives me faster and easier access to the working hours administration when I have to calculate my staff salaries.”