GPS-Buddy RFID-Tag Excavator
Breakthrough in managing equipment

Asset Management with RF Technology

The management of large and/or small equipment is a daily, manual and time-consuming activity. Whether it concerns a transport, construction, infrastructure, gardening, glass, rental or municipal company, too often there is insufficient insight into all the equipment. This will become a thing of the past with the intelligent Asset Management solution from GPS-Buddy.

WHere IS WHat?

Questions like 'Where is that container? Who had the grinder last? Did that trailer come back to the workshop? Is there an attachment missing from the excavator? Does anyone know where the leaf blower went? On which building site are our glass racks still standing?' are easily answered when equipment without a power supply is equipped with the smart tags with RF technology. 
You know where the different assets are, so they can be planned easily and deployed quickly. You know where they are, so invoicing can be handled automatically and error-free. And you know where they are, making maintenance easy and hassle free. 


All assets are monitored online and are visible in one central management environment. This can be combined with the data of all vehicles within the company. This creates a total overview of all company assets, ensures remote control and avoids losses. All this results in an enormous saving of time, effort and above all costs.

GPS-Buddy RFID-Tag Display


  • One single connection to management platform
    With a size of 114 x 32 x 12 mm, the asset tags are easy to attach to large and small equipment that is therefore easy to trace. The tag is added once via NFC and the corresponding mobile app to the GPS Buddy management platform. Pairing is no longer necessary. Even if the tag is moved, this can easily be adjusted remotely in the system.
  • Track with radio frequency
    The asset tags are equipped with radio frequency (RF). The advantage of this is that, unlike Bluetooth, they have a large range of about 1500 metres. The RF tag gives a signal every 2 minutes and communicates automatically with the nearest hub on location. This can be a fixed hub in a building or a construction site, or a hub in a company owned vehicle. The hubs transmit the tag's information to the network, so the location is always visible in the system via browser or app.
  • Long life span
    The asset tags consume very little energy so the battery lasts about 8 years. The tags also have a waterproof housing and a temperature sensor to monitor the surrounding temperature of the object.
  • Semi anti-theft
    Within the management platform an action radius can be indicated with geofencing in which the concerning material can move. If the object goes outside this area, an alert is automatically generated.


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Seen on TV

Vision on asset management

Operational director Oscar van der Spruit was interviewed for the tv programme 'The New Economy'. The focus is on the added value of data for Construction & Infra companies. In these sectors, enormous profits can be made by having a better grip on vehicles or large equipment, as well as on smaller equipment such as concrete mixers, aggregates or attachments.

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