Check-in-at-Work registration made easy via GPS-Buddy

In Belgium, it is compulsory for every person present (employee or subcontractor) on a large construction site to register separately with the NSSO's Check-in-at-Work online service before starting work. This is to monitor health and safety on site and combat undeclared work or social fraud. If you fail to comply correctly with the notification requirement, the consequences can be very serious. Fines for the contractor or the management of a worksite start at a few hundred euros, but can reach thousands of euros. 


However, the daily notification requirement does involve extra administrative work. Time that employees could spend better. Not surprisingly, it is often forgotten. Check-in-at-Work registration is now easy to automate via GPS-Buddy.  


To make registration easier and to prevent forgetting, we offer through our Fleet Management system the possibility to fulfil registration obligations in a very simple way. Employees can register in various ways via:  

  • NFC
  • QR code
  • App
  • Badge system
  • Column 

The necessary login data is automatically written into the system.  


The integration of Check-in-at-Work with the Fleet Management System from GPS-Buddy makes it possible to determine on the basis of geolocation where a vehicle is located and to register it even more easily. Thanks to the clear reports, you have direct insight into your employees' registration data. This way, you know for sure that you are always acting in accordance with legislation and no longer have to worry about checks and possible sanctions. 


If you would like to know more about Check-in-at-Work and what it can do for your organisation, contact us directly or leave your details on the contact form and we will contact you.