GPS-Buddy aan het woord in de Tech & Innovatie podcast

Our COO, Oscar van der Spruit, was a guest on the Easy FM Tech & Innovation podcast with Ronald ter Voert. In this podcast, two entrepreneurs from the Almere region join each week and discuss, among other things, what drives them and how they innovate.  

Oscar talks about the growing market of Moving Assets, managing international growth, and responding to various technical developments. He gives a little history and explains how we have grown from a track & trace to a IoT and Big Data company in 20 years. He also explains how companies use positioning and other data from vehicles and assets to optimise their business processes.  
As an example, he mentions our developments in core temperature. Here, it is not just about measuring the product's starting temperature and the temperature progression in the loading bay, but that those parameters can be combined with intelligent algorithms. In this way, the exact core temperature of the product at delivery can be calculated. This will prevent whole loads from being rejected based on erratic measurements and to guarantee food safety.  

In the podcast, Oscar mentions more examples of the benefits our clients are experiencing by using data that is measured and combined. He also mentions developments we are working on. Like how we are adding AI technology and machine learning to further expand at the intersection of new opportunities and sectors.  
If you want to hear more, listen to the podcast or watch the vodcast. Starting at about minute 25, Oscar talks about the innovations going on within GPS-Buddy.  
Listen to the PODCAST via:  
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