Is your fleet data already helping you get a grip on your schedule?

Is your floot data helping you get a handle on your schedule yet?

Planning is the nerve centre of many companies. Transportation orders. Loading and unloading orders. Driving and rest times legislation. Periodic inspections. Packaging. Trailers. Properly planning people, vehicles and trips can often be quite the puzzle, especially when assignments are carried out in combination. By making smart use of software, this problem is easily solved, but in practice there is still a lot of fiddling with schedules on paper or in excel.

Automation helps you get a grip on your schedule when you can rely on up-to-date fleet information at any time. This not only increases productivity, but also saves costs and increases customer satisfaction.

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To schedule your vehicles and tasks as efficiently as possible and to be and stay in control, you need an overview. That overview starts with knowing the exact location of vehicles, trailers or equipment at that specific time. Planners can therefore process orders more quickly and effectively and select the optimal route. This maximises the available capacity of a vehicle and the driving time of the driver and

By linking specific instructions to the task, such as loading and unloading orders, registering and recording of packaging or periodic maintenance and inspection, you create data sources to further streamline business processes.


By using smart tools, information delivery is accurate and automatic, with less time and effort. For example, using geofencing to proactively inform customers of the estimated time of arrival when the driver enters a certain area. Direct communication is possible between the office and the driver. About the completion of tasks and next assignments, packaging returns, temperature changes, but also photos of the delivered goods and signed delivery notes. This means that the information about a particular task is complete immediately after delivery, which supports faster customer reporting and billing.


By simply linking your own internal software system to the planning module, you are able to generate streamlined information and professional management reports. Integrating all these different parts of the business into one accurate schedule increases productivity, saves considerable costs in time and fuel and, above all, creates peace of mind. Not just for planners, but also for management.

Do you also want to take and stay in control of your planning? GPS-Buddy's modular solutions help you deploy that functionality in line with your organisation's size and budget. It thus gives you the assurance of an appropriate solution at every stage. At your pace.

Modular fleet management grows with your business

Fleet management is an umbrella term for all kinds of vehicle-related solutions. Think of things like the monitoring and planning of the vehicles and equipment and all the communication around it. In short, organising a commercial fleet and all the moving assets that go with it, such as trailers or other large moving equipment. The collection and optimal use of the collected data is crucial in here. That provides insight and overview.