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Test Days Connected Transport from SmartwayZ.nl

Opportunities  of smart mobility solutions

The use of smart technology in transportation is endless. For 20 years, we have been experimenting with various telematics solutions to easily connect vehicles, equipment and drivers to the organization to improve mobility. In the beginning, we did this mainly by deploying GPS technology, hence our name GPS-Buddy. Over the course of those 20 years, of course, that has continued to expand with all kinds of telematics applications.  

We are now involved in the Connected Transport project of SmartwayZ.nl, the innovative mobility program in the southern Netherlands. Within the program, they are realizing the important links in the urbanization and mobility system of the future. Connected Transport means that drivers receive in-truck updates on road works, speed advice, tire pressure and more. But also applications such as green light through intelligent traffic lights and planning that automatically incorporates logistics data - such as window times and environmental zones.  

Courtesy of Beekmans Transport  
These applications are of added value for our customers to get an even better grip on their moving assets. Monday, June 5, we therefore participated in the test day in cooperation with one of our customers, Beekmans Transport from Erp. We conducted tests with sensors in the asphalt that measure tire pressure. The data obtained are displayed in the GPS-Buddy app. If the pressure is too low, the driver receives a signal and can take action. This increases safety and saves on fuel costs. We are further developing the results of the tests to further integrate them into our software in the coming period.  

When the time comes, we will post about it. This allows you as a transporter to hitch a ride on smart mobility developments. You save time, fuel, and stress and you keep the pace going.