Omega logistics is a logistics service provider specialising in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. Since it was founded, the company has experienced a gigantic growth, and since 2015 the company became part of Jan de Rijk. Omega logistics has depots located in Alkmaar, Zwolle and Houten. From these depots, the company is able to assist any customer in the Netherlands within two hours. The transport of medical products to patients, pharmacies, or for example healthcare institutions requires specific knowledge in terms of trade and transport. Jordi de Koning, head of KAM, Innovation, Projects and ICT at Omega Logistics, explains how the clever technology assists the company in carrying out the transport in a careful and punctual manner.


Customised condition transport

Jordi: ‘’We transport medical products, which means that the transportation and the transport conditions are of paramount importance. After all, in almost all cases, these are products that may well effect lives which is a responsibility we take very seriously. For us, it is very important that the products are transported at the right temperature. In order to do so, we have various solutions, such as large refrigerators and mobile cooling units with a temperature sensor. In general, the process looks as follows: We ship the wholesale products to our distribution center in Houten, from there, we transport the products in smaller vehicles to the depots of the customers. Products are usually wrapped in crates, on the crates you will see a specific instruction related to how the products need to be stored. These storage instructions can roughly be divided into a transport with a general temperature between 15 and 25 degrees. Or, a temperature between 2 and 8 degrees. Depending on the instructions, products can be transported by either standard transport, or a vehicle equipped with a mobile cooling unit in which the products between certain temperature values can be maintained. These cooling units are GDP verified (Good Distribution Practice), which makes the quality level around the distribution network of medicines guaranteed.’’

GPS-Buddy klant Omega Logistics Jordi
GPS-Buddy klant Omega Logistics bus

Always an insight into the current transport conditions

For transport to our customers, we use smaller vehicles so that our drivers can be as efficient as possible. Both the vehicles and the mobile cooling units are equipped with the GPS-Buddy system. Jordi: ‘’ We have our own fleet consisting of around 30 vehicles which are equipped with both a vehicle tracking system and temperature sensors. In addition, also our cooling units are equipped with the tracking system and temperature sensors. That our cooling units also have this equipment is for multiple reasons. In addition to our own vehicles, we also work with subcontractors, by providing the cooling systems with a track and trace option, we can continuously see the vehicles position with its cargo. Furthermore, it may occur that in the same vehicle a certain product is being transported at vehicle temperature, whereas another product may have specific cooling requirements which need to be transported in the refrigerator units. The cooling units are equipped with a battery pack that enables the cooling units to run for 12 hours alone. That way, we can always show in what condition the products have been transported in.  The combination of the different types of transport that we have, provides maximum flexibility to the customer, and to optimise and efficiently use the space of a vehicle.’’

Flexibility and customer focus

Omega Logistics offers its customers, not only in terms of transportation maximum flexibility, but also supply possibilities.  They offer pharmacies the option to be supplied in the night. In that event, the products will be placed in a goods locker, or if requested packed in a pharmaceutical refrigeration unit,  after which the refrigeration unit will be returned. This type of flexibility comes with a great sense of responsibility. ‘’We take this service very seriously, so much so that we even go as far as ensuring we know where the master keys are at all times along with the alarm keys to ensure we have an insight at all times, and should there be enquiries we can handle them in a quick and efficient manner. Of course, we have also made sure that this equipment cannot easily be removed. How did we do that? Of course, I will not reveal any details as to how. ‘’

GPS-Buddy XS-systeem
GPS-Buddy klant Omega Logistics wagenpark

Customised reports

Omega Logistics not only uses the Studio environment of the GPS-Buddy system to keep track of all the vehicles and containers on a daily basis. But also, the company reporting options are of great importance. ‘’ We use various reporting options, not only to provide our customers the opportunity to check at which temperature their products are being transported, but transportation conditions go one step further for us. Because we have a CANbus-connection we also see the driving behavior of a driver and also its petrol consumption. This information can be used to encourage drivers to improve their driving behavior, but to also pinpoint which vehicles are more economical when it comes to petrol use. This way, smart technology logistics helps omega logistics to perfect their service.