optimale navigatie

Optimal navigation

Optimal navigation is crucial in making sure that you or your employees arrive on time. Whether it concerns making a time slot for the loading/unloading of cargo, an appointment with a potential customer or a service technician who must make repairs; being on time is important. Our planning solutions also take into account such matters as traffic jams, road closures and slow-moving traffic. This helps prevent unnecessarily standing still in traffic and assures you are always taking the optimal route. If a specific route is recommended due to nature of the transport, you can provide your customers with detailed information as based on current information.


Traffic manager: By linking our systems to high-value navigation solutions such as Here truck navigation and Garmin systems, your drivers will preside over all the relevant traffic information to be able to navigate to their destination quickly and safely. Advanced software can accurately predict streams of traffic and give advice if necessary. Your employees will not only be driving safer, but will also be taking the best, shortest routes and thereby eliminate inefficient stop-start driving behaviour.


Communication: As the planner, you can use our trace systems to accurately keep track of the exact position, progress and estimated time of arrival of all your vehicles. The digital map displays the real-time position and the local traffic situations. This means you can proactively respond to potential slow traffic problems and quickly communicate this to your drivers so that they will arrive at their destination on time regardless.


CSR: By being linked to intelligent and precise navigation systems, you are contributing to a cleaner environment. Every kilometre saved is not only a benefit to your organisation in numbers, but also means you will keep your ecological footprint small!