For (lower) governments, it can be crucially important to carefully handle all the available tools. Certainly when it comes to CO2 reduction and cutting fuel consumption, governments have to set the example. GPS-Buddy helps governments and municipalities to quickly control, monitor and manage all the necessary information regarding work patterns, hours worked and travel hours. In just one click, you have a comprehensive and accurate real-time overview with the exact location of your vehicles and people in the field. This solution also complies with the requirements imposed by the tax authority and has the fleet management systems hallmark. This means that you not only will be able to submit fiscally corresponding kilometre registration reports for internal reporting, you will also be eligible for a deduction in the standard control regime of the (Dutch) tax authority.

Do you often work with local authorities? Specific rules will then often apply in the areas of sustainability or corporate social responsibility, for example. With the combination of intelligent and accurate navigation, track and trace, efficient planning and the economical driving style of your drivers, you, on behalf of the municipality, will make the maximum contribution to a demonstrable reduction of the ecological footprint!