Package registration

The manual registration and administration of package streams demands a great deal of time and discipline from your employees. This also often results in discrepancies in the numbers. Via our package module, all package exchanges are carefully tracked and stored. Via their Driver App, drivers can immediately register type and number of packages that are loaded/unloaded. This eliminates loose waybills with package registration, and instils a system which makes it immediately clear how many packages have arrived at a customer. It simplifies administration and also prevents loss.


foutloze registratie

Error-free registration: Your driver registers the exact number and type of packages that have been loaded/unloaded on location. This information is then immediately stored at a central location. This will ensure that you always have a current and definitive overview of all the package handling carried out.

return on investment

Return on investment: The money you invest in a GPS-Buddy fleet management system earns itself back within a few months. For an example of what you save, let’s assume 10 vehicles that unload 32 pallets per day:

What you save by using the package module: 25% verifiable less loss € 4.139,-
Your savings as a result of using the package module: paper-free administration € 1.820,-
Your savings as a result of using the package module; automated registry € 15.155,-
Your total annual savings € 21.114,-