Planning module

Planning all of the rides, including loading and unloading assignments, is often a puzzle. Certainly when you must also consider packaging and other materials. What’s more, drive and rest time legislation must also be adhered to. In order to schedule your fleet and machine pool as efficiently as possible and be able to anticipate any possible maintenance or periodic inspections, GPS-Buddy has developed a planning module. In a transparent overview, you will have all the information you need for optimal planning and occupation.

The optimised routes take live traffic information into account so that your drivers drive more efficiently and your customers will be ensured of a reliable ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). The reliable planning module will contribute greatly to customer satisfaction.

Actuele planningsinformatie

Current planning information: Efficient planning will only be possible if real time fleet information is available at any given moment. Our planning software provides a completely transparent overview of all the information needed for optimal planning. This enables the transport planner or dispatcher to respond faster to actual circumstances.


Management information: Our solution offers you clear reports and can also be easily linked to your existing software system. With supremely efficient planning, accurate administration and corresponding management information, you are empowered in making the right decisions.


Package module: Packaging is a large cost item, certainly in the transport sector. In order to keep these cost as low as possible, GPS-Buddy offers the option of being able to register your packages. This will give you a clear overview of every delivery and return shipment and you will also be able to localise all packages at any time.