Your employees are often on the road. From one construction project to another ad-hoc assignment and from one repair assignment to a new installation somewhere else. Loose assignment slips, uncertainty about the route taken or the time spent on an assignment can sometimes make the administration for some assignments complicated.

With one push of the button, our trace system gives an accurate, real-time overview of all the external work activities; you will know exactly how many hours your field engineers and installation technicians have driven, the duration of the assignments, the stops in between, etc. With the GPS-Buddy Driver App, you will be able to communicate even faster and more efficiently with your employees. Changes or assignments can be communicated or signed straight away. This prevents the stress of lost or illegible waybills. What’s more, this information is also immediately available at the office so your administrative overhead is instantly reduced.

Our fleet management solution offer you all the information concerning the work patterns, work and travel hours  and (project) costs so you can quickly control, monitor and manage them.  In this same system, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) you will also have insight into location of all your materials (with or without their own power supply).