Temperature registration

With the transport of food or medicine, the smallest temperature deviation can form a great health risk. A perfect temperature registration and an active temperature control are vital to guarantee the quality of the products during transport. With the placement of our temperature sensors in critical areas, a constant registration occurs. This creates an up-to-date stream of information that the office can read out online and process. When the registered temperature deviates from the previously set values, an alarm notification is generated.



HACCP: Companies that transport food must control their internal business processes in such a way that they can guarantee the safety and reliability of the products according to HACCP guidelines. With our temperature registration systems, this information is documented and you have the option of having this information compiled in clear reports so that you will be able to demonstrate that the transport was carried out according to the guidelines.


Alarm: Has the temperature value deviated from the set value? A warning will then be sent to the office and the proper measures can then be taken to normalise the temperature values. If the driver uses the Driver App, the sensor information is then also immediately available to him and he will be able to respond right away.

Registratie en rapportages

Registration and reports: Besides reading the exact temperatures, the GPS-Buddy also registers the drive and stop moments of the vehicle. The temperature registration and other collected data can then easily be displayed in a transparent report. This will give you periodic overviews of the entire process, from transport to delivery. You will also be able to concretely demonstrate that the goods have been transported in the proper conditions.