Time sheet administration according to collective agreements

The strict adherence to a collective employment agreement can be labour-intensive, certainly when this involves compensation rules such as the Dutch collective employee agreement for the construction industry. With the GPS-Buddy compensation solution, we guarantee an error-free registration of hour worked according to the collective agreements and the Dutch tax authority. This is an enormous amount of time gained for your company whereby the risk of incorrect registration of hours worked is reduced to a minimum.

Onderscheid tussen bestuurder en bijrijder

Distinction between driver and co-driver: The collective employee agreement compensation solution by GPS-Buddy clearly distinguishes between drivers and co-drivers. In many cases, a separate salary level applies depending on the role. With the aid of a personal identification key, every employee can identify themselves on the drive in the vehicle and indicate which role he fulfils at that moment. This allows you to have constant access to all the work and travel hours of the persons concerned.

Rapportage op maat

Customised reports: The final reports can be compiled exactly according to your wishes and needs; per vehicle, per driver, for certain days or periodically. You can also choose which format these reports will have: HTML, Excel, PDF or CSV.

Koppeling met uw systeem

Linking to your system: Thanks to a smart combination of our hardware and software, it is also possible to fully automate the entire salary process. We make sure that the available data can be safely and quickly linked to your existing software system, personnel administration or CRM/ERP package. You will not need to have any detailed knowledge of our data base and you can continue to work in your own trusted applications in which you will have immediate access to all the data that concerns the time sheet administration.