Trailer tracking system

The trailer tracking system offers you the option of monitoring your trailers in real-time at any given moment. It gives you full insight into the use of your (disconnected) trailers; where they are, how long they have been there and how intensively they are being used. A number of alarm notifications are possible so that you will always know what is happening with your trailers. You can, for example, receive a message in case a trailer changes location outside the agreed times, or when it leaves a specific area, even when a cargo door is opened. If a trailer is equipped with temperature sensors, it is even possible to receive a notification when the temperature of the trailer deviates from the set values. Remotely being in control, that feels good.


Theft prevention: Our systems can be programmed in such a way that you will be notified when a trailer is connected or unconnected, changes location or when the cargo door is opened. When a trailer leaves the designated area, an automatic message will be generated and sent by way of a (sms) text message or e-mail.


Temperature registration: An internal battery makes long-term temperature registration in your trailer possible (according to HACCP legislation). This allows you to control the temperature of your load at a distance. If the measured temperature deviates too much from the set values, an alarm notification will be sent so that you can respond immediately.

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Optimal planning creates cost-savings: Our planning software provides a clear map of all the trailers and information pertaining to your trailers. Based on this real-time information, the planner can quickly and easily schedule rides as efficiently as possible. The driver will then receive loading and unloading assignments on the display that must be carried out. This way, the driver is directly navigated towards the trailer in question.