In the logistics sector, the margins of most companies are under pressure. The needs and wishes of customers are growing all the time. GPS-Buddy offers a solution which enables you to optimally manage and provide your customers with efficient and accurate information about their shipments. The GPS-Buddy fleet management solutions help you to have real-time insight into your fleet and optimise your business processes. You can, for example, schedule your rides so that the most optimal route is chosen. The combination with the GPS-Buddy Driver App subsequently ensures quick and effective communication between the office and drivers, which also includes such options as package registration and digital signatures. With the real-time communication between the Driver App and the other systems, all parties have the most recent information. What’s more, it is also possible to download the tachograph data from any location (from both the driver’s card as well as the mass memory). The administrative overhead is curtailed considerably while you still comply to the applicable legislation without the driver having to be physically present. Our fleet management system is clearly a cost-saving management tool.

GPS-Buddy oplossingen voor transport

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