Transport company Peter van Setten has been specialised in national and international transport for over 20 years. The close family business has a diverse fleet of vehicles, with the exception of hazardous substances, while having a wide variety of different transportations. To have a good overview of the planning, but also to create more peace of mind among the employees, while at the same time increasing the return, the company chose the GPS-Buddy solutions. The quality of the systems, the service offered and the technical support were the main motivation.

Safety first

In the  conversation with Peter van Setten, owner of the same-name transport company, it is clear that the main focus is on quality and safety. ‘’Safety on the road, for our drivers as well as for road users and the cargo is our priority. We have a very close and involved group of drivers. This is of the utmost importance to us. Due to the fact that we carry many different types of transport, drivers have the means to grow into a real all-round professional. In addition, we invest a lot in safety as mentioned earlier. For example, our fleet consists mainly of Volvo’s  which where equipped with the automatic brake systems long before it became a government requirement. In addition, our trucks are equipped with cameras and have a night system which prevents falling asleep at the wheel.’’ You can tell that safety goes above anything  by the way the 27MC radios are built in. This is not built at the top of the cabin by the sunroof where you usually find them, but in another more comfortable place. The reason for this is that the radio will not injure the drivers head, if for any reason, the truck should end up upside-down.

GPS-Buddy helpt transportbedrijf Peter van Setten met optimaliseren
GPS-Buddy helpt Peter van Setten met analyseren rijgedrag en planning chauffeurs

Total solution ensures more efficient operations

Van Setten transport uses a total solution of GPS-Buddy. The trucks are equipped with an XL system that has a CANbus-connection and a tachograph connection. For example, the trucks can not only be monitored accurately, but it is also possible to chart the fuel consumption of a truck, and to analyse the drivers driving behaviour. This drives our drivers to be proactive in road safety. In addition, truck servicing can be planned more efficiently. The tachograph clutch ensures that the data of the drivers passes and the tachographs mass memory is easy to read from a distance. Therefore, the administrative burden of the employees is minimised. In addition, the trailers are equipped with a trailer pack, this ensures that there is a view of the trailer and if it is being moved. If the trailer is moved on an unscheduled moment, an alarm will be generated.

Quality and maximum service go hand in hand

At the office, the studio application is directed towards the planning. With this application, there is a 24 hour view of a driver and the trailers if necessary. Van Setten: ‘’ When I’m at the breakfast table,  I often login via the web service to see where a truck is located. This reassures me that everything is going well with my employees.’’ The GPS buddy solution not only provides a sense of safety and security,  but also offers a major advantage to the quality of service of Van Setten.

Van Setten ‘’We carry out many international transmigrations, for both individuals but also for example, for museums. For our customers it is essential that they know where their belongings are, and when they are scheduled to arrive. For most people, moving is one of the most important events in their lives, which involves a mix of emotions. With GPS buddy, we can ensure that these people experience as little additional stress as possible by providing them real-time insight through a weblog. Additionally, in turn it makes it easier for the employees as many calls can be prevented.

GPS-Buddy kaartscherm en chat
GPS-Buddy trailerpack gemonteerd op trailer

Previously, when a customer contacted us to enquire about the whereabouts of a vehicle, we first had to contact the driver. Contacting the driver often resulted in a lot of back and forth calling due to availability.  That is now in the past, especially now that we have been working on a driver app.  With an app that runs on the drivers smartphone, we can quickly pass on information. In addition, the driver can also report that a task has been completed, but also to quickly see changes and notes such as bringing the packaging. Additionally, signing a delivery note is now a possibility.