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Vehicle tracking system

For many organisations, the operational costs represent a large part of the total costs. These costs can be easily reduced by utilising a vehicle tracking system, among others. With this system, the exact location of the vehicles can be traced in real-time. Based on that information, planners can schedule faster and more efficiently and this will result in routes being optimised. This will make maximum use of the available capacity of a vehicle and the driving time of a driver while simultaneously preventing detours to be taken.

By using geofencing, the system can be so arranged that customers will automatically receive a message when the driver enters a specific area. This way, customers are proactively informed. Customers really appreciate this extra service which involves no extra costs for an organisation.

Besides optimising the routes and the planning, the system can also be applied to materials. So, besides having insight into to the location, you can also register operating hours. This information can be very valuable when you need to cross charge the actual use of the machine and for scheduling maintenance. The likelihood of mistakes being made is dramatically reduced and this simplifies your administration. Customers receive a conclusive invoice as based on data from the vehicle trace system and materials can be quickly and efficiently cross charged to the right organisation or department.

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Quick response: With our trace system you are constantly aware of the location and status of your vehicles and company property. This way you can respond quickly to assignments and work more efficiently. When a new assignment comes, the office can use our trace system to immediately see which vehicle is closest to the location. The driver concerned will immediately be given the job description with the exact location on his screen. He will know where he has to go, whom he has to see and what is expected of him. This allows you to respond more quickly to ad-hoc assignments, to complete more assignments per day and use your vehicles and staff as efficiently as possible.

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Conclusive invoicing: Complete insight into your fleet and materials. Complete insight into all the necessary information, both real-time and historic, accessibly supplied so that you can bill your customers accurately and based on concrete, documented data.


Efficiency: Saving and simultaneously increasing productivity is essential for every company. With our vehicle tracking system, you can, among others, quickly and easily complete your scheduling and then plan the most favourable routes for your vehicles. You will also have insight into the driving behaviour of your drivers which will enable you to stimulate your drivers to adapt their driving behaviour so that they drive more efficiently, greener and safer. In addition, our tracking system can also be integrated into your own software environment which will immediately reveal where savings can be achieved; reduction of fuel production, optimised use of your people and vehicles, and improved invoicing.


Geofencing: Would you like to monitor certain vehicles at specific locations? GPS-Buddy can offer you this possibility based on a geofence, the so-called virtual demarcation in a geographical area. When the vehicle concerned has entered the protected area or is leaving this location, an automatic message generated; a smart solution to combat theft, for example. Geofencing also makes it possible to receive a message when a vehicle is close by. Customers can even follow their shipment in real-time via a separate login.