GPS-Buddy webservices

Web services

Using the GPS-Buddy web services you have secure access to all data concerning your fleet or equipment, 24 hours a day. You can monitor, check and supervise your entire fleet, equipment and mobile employees in real-time from any location that has internet access. You can also communicate quickly and efficiently with your employees, schedule tasks and have various accurate overviews that allow you to further optimize your business processes. Information regarding, the current location of your vehicles, trailers, containers and other equipment, the temperature in a loading space or the number of operating hours is easily accessible. In addition, the number of start and stop times or generated alarms is also clear. Based on this information, you can not only design your business processes more efficiently, but also increase the customer satisfaction.

In addition to the standard web services, it is also possible to access all data via a non-web-based application. This Studio application offers customers with a large fleet and / or a lot of equipment added value through the even more extensive reporting options and planning possibilities. The Studio environment is also necessary if you want to monitor equipment.