Work, travel and project hours registration

Your employees work on different projects and travel part of the time. A precise time sheet registration is essential in order to be able to invoice all of the hours worked. Our hour registration system offers you a precise, real-time overview of the external work activities carried out. You will know exactly how many hours your drivers have driven, the number of kilometres driven, the stopovers etc. This will enable you to quickly and transparently cross charge costs to other companies or departments.

The administrative overhead is also dramatically reduced because all the information is directly available in the system. This prevents you from having to figure out written receipts, from stagnation in the invoicing because of incomplete data or incorrect billing.


Clear: You can choose from various periodic overviews. This will give you quick and easy insight into the time sheet registration resulting is invoicing to be less complicated. In addition, accommodation allowances will be automatically calculated, for example, and irregularities will be documented, also during night-time driving and holidays.

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Integrate: You can conveniently and automatically link the received time sheet registration to your salary processing and invoicing system. This way, you will preside over a thorough and transparent overview in which all the information can be accessed at-a-glance.


Insight: Immediate insight into days worked, hours worked and the ride information from your drivers. This will give you more control and allows you to directly proceed with the correct processing of this data. A water-tight system, also for your clients. You can easily show how the invoiced amount has been calculated. With these overviews, you can also demonstrate that you are following the applicable guidelines.