Customer case Dura Vermeer


You can see them every day. Whether driving on the widened A10 motorway, or through an energy-efficient new estate in Rijswijk, the characteristic green-yellow equipment of Dura Vermeer stands out immediately. The construction company, of more than 160 years and employing more than 2,600 employees, is among the top 10 of big construction companies in the Netherlands and is active in the housing and utility construction and infrastructure. In the construction sector, Dura Vermeer is known to be innovative and sustainable.


Marco Tieleman, branch manager at Dura Vermeer, explains how his staff run the daily operation using, for instance the solutions of GPS-Buddy. “All works commissioned to us, as an organisation, order their equipment from us. To put it simply, in practice this means that executors log in on a web portal and there they order what they need. Besides, equipment is a broad item, in our case this goes from coffee to housing and from wheelbarrows to cranes”. This diversity of equipment results in Dura Vermeer using different ways of charging. Consumer items such as masonry mortar and cold tarmac are sold as items. Consumer items such as wheelbarrows are charged on the basis of ‘buy and buy back’ and then there is a category of resources and equipment that is being rented.


“For larger rental items, the service buses and lorries, we use the solutions of GPS-Buddy. The applications are diverse; from registry of operating hours, checking client orders, to being able to quickly respond to a failure or defect. Keeping track of the operating hours is essential, because maintenance is linked to it. Also for the verification of client orders, we make use of GPS-Buddy. If we rent certain machines to a works and it is indicated that a machine will not be used during a certain day, then we will 'park' that machine on that specific day. By running an I/O report GPS-Buddy, we can monitor whether the machine has been used or not.”

Should a machine be at a works and require inspection, then the employees of the equipment service can see the location of this machine real-time, in the Studio-/web environment or on the planner app. This enables the service engineer or inspection body to go directly to the actual location. This leads to very efficient operation, while the standstill time of a machine is reduced to a minimum. Should a machine break down unexpectedly, then we can also see where the nearest replacement machine is located. Information that is essential to ensure that no delays are incurred in the construction.


In addition to all these possibilities to prevent standstill and quickly respond in the event of calamities, the GPS-Buddy solutions also offer another advantage. In order to be able to register for projects, it is important to make the influence of a works on people and the environment insightful. Furthermore, when requesting tenders, more and more often the question is which equipment is being used, so that for instance the CO2-emission will be limited as much as possible. In addition to a transparent overview of the equipment to be used and current distances to a works, it is even possible to administrate the trip data of every vehicle that turns up at the works. This way, all data that may have impact on the CO2-emission, is made insightful in an easy and transparent manner.


We believe that a solution should be able to grow along with a company. Therefore, you can request the Efficiency scan, free of obligation. We will tell you where the opportunities are for optimisation and how you can save time and costs.