Client case Peter Van Setten


Transport company Peter Van Setten has been specialising in national and international transport for more than 20 years. The close-knit family company has a diverse fleet and is, with the exception of hazardous substances, familiar with the most diverse types of transport. In order to get proper insight in the planning, ensure more peace with the employees and at the same time increase the return, the company opted for the solutions by GPS-Buddy.


Conversing with Peter of Setten, owner of the eponymous transport company, the huge focus on quality and safety is striking at once. “The safety on the road, for our drivers as well as for other road users and also the load, come first, as far as we are concerned. We have a very close-knit and committed group of drivers. That is of paramount importance to us and that is what we invest in. As we carry out many different types of transport, at our company drivers can grow into genuine all-round professionals. Additionally, we invest a lot in safety. Our fleet, for instance, largely consists of Volvos and our trucks were already equipped with automatic brake systems, long before this was made compulsory by the government. Besides, our lorries are equipped with cameras and have a night-system to prevent drivers from falling asleep whilst driving.” Safety being our top priority shows from the way in which the 27MC radios were built in. They are not installed in the top of the cabin, near the sun visor, but in a different, comfortable location. The reason for this is that it will not be possible for the radio to hit the driver's head if the lorry would turn upside down for whatever reason.”

In order to meet the needs of the client, a care home with an own kitchen, for instance, can order bagged potatoes from us, but also potatoes as a component in a meal and everything in between. In the home market, where people are connected to a care institute, but do live independently, the Eten & Zo Thuis webshop offers the possibility to order meals. These meals are delivered to the care institute, or in a cool box, in cooperation with PostNL. This requires sound logistic preparation.”


Van Setten makes use of a total solution by GPS-Buddy. The lorries are equipped with the latest hardware with CANbus-connection and a connection with the tachograph. As a result, not only can the lorries be followed meticulously, but it is also possible to inventory the fuel consumption of a lorry and analyse the driving behaviour of a driver. This way, there is a proactive focus on, for instance, proper driving behaviour. In addition, maintenance can be scheduled more efficiently. The tachograph connection ensures that the data from the driver cards and of the mass memory of the tachograph can easily be read remotely. The administrative burden of the employees is, as such, minimised. Additionally, the trailers are equipped with a trailer pack, so that it becomes instantly obvious where a trailer is parked and whether it is being relocated. If the trailer is relocated at an unplanned moment, an alarm is being generated.

In the office, the planning is overseen via the studio application. With this application, the driver and trailers can be monitored 24 hours per day, if necessary. Van Setten: “When I am having breakfast in the morning, I often log in via the web services, to learn about the location of a lorry. It is comforting for me when I know that our staff is doing fine.” The solution of GPS-Buddy does not only provide peace, it also offers a great benefit to the quality of Van Setten's service provision. Van Setten: “We carry out many international removals, for both private persons and, for instance, museums. For our clients, it is essential to know where their belongings are and when they will be delivered. Also, for most people, moving house is one of the most radical events in their lives. This is associated with many emotions. With GPS-Buddy, we ensure that these people experience as little stress as possible, by giving them temporary real-time insight via a weblogin.”

The solution also ensures more peace in the office as telephone traffic is drastically reduced. If clients call to ask where a lorry is situated, in the old days we had to call the driver first. Sometimes it would so happen that he was engaged or unavailable by telephone. That caused a lot of phone calls being made and thus unrest. That is now something of the past, particularly as we started using the driver app. With this app, that revolves around the driver's smartphone, we can quickly pass on information to the driver. Furthermore, the driver can report activities being completed and quickly see if there are any changes, such as taking packaging with him. Also signing the delivery note is now among the possibilities.”


We believe that a solution should be able to grow along with a company. Therefore, you can request the Efficiency scan, free of obligation. We will tell you where the opportunities are for optimisation and how you can save time and costs.