Transport company Peter van Setten optimises planning and service

Transport company Peter van Setten has specialised in national and international transport for over 20 years. This close-knit family business has a diverse fleet of vehicles and, with the exception of hazardous substances, is at home in the most diverse forms of transport. The company opted for the GPS-Buddy solutions in order to gain good insight into the planning, to create more peace of mind for the employees while simultaneously increasing efficiency.


In talking with Peter van Setten, owner of the transport company of the same name, the enormous focus on quality and safety immediately stands out. "Safety on the road, both for our drivers and for fellow road users and the cargo, is our top priority. We have a very close-knit and committed group of drivers. This is very important to us and we invest in it. Because we carry out many different types of transport, our drivers can grow into true all-round professionals. We also invest heavily in security, as mentioned earlier. For example, our fleet consists mainly of Volvo trucks, and our trucks were already equipped with automatic braking systems long before this became mandatory by the government. In addition, our trucks are equipped with cameras and have a night system to prevent falling asleep while driving." The way the 27MC radios are built in shows that safety really comes first. It is not placed at the top of the cab by the sun visor as standard, but in another comfortable place. The reason for this is that it prevents the radio from damaging the driver's head should a truck end up on its roof for any reason.


Van Setten transport uses a total solution from GPS-Buddy. The trucks are equipped with an XL system that features a CANbus link and a link to the tachograph. This not only allows the trucks to be accurately tracked, but also makes it possible to map a truck's fuel consumption and analyse a driver's driving behaviour. This way, proactive management can be carried out, for example, to ensure good driving behaviour. In addition, maintenance visits can be scheduled more efficiently. The tachograph link ensures that the data from the driver cards and from the tachograph's mass memory can be easily read remotely. This minimises the administrative burden on employees. In addition, the trailers are equipped with a trailer pack so that it is visible where a trailer is and whether it is being moved. If the trailer is moved at an unscheduled time, an alarm is generated.


At the office, the schedule is managed through the studio application. With this application, if needed, there is 24-hour visibility of a driver and the trailers. Van Setten: "When I'm sitting at the breakfast table in the morning, I often log in through the web service to see where a truck is located. It gives me peace of mind to know that all is well with my people". However, the GPS-Buddy solution not only provides peace of mind and a sense of security, it also offers a great advantage for the quality of Van Setten's services. Van Setten: "We carry out a lot of international removals, both for individuals and for museums, for example. This means it is essential for our customers to know where their items are and when they will be delivered. On top of that, for most people, a move is one of the most drastic events in a lifetime. This is accompanied by many emotions.


With GPS-Buddy, we ensure that these people experience as little additional stress as possible by providing them with real-time insight through a web login. In addition, this also promotes calm at the office by preventing a lot of phone calls. When customers call where a vehicle is, we used to have to call the driver first. It sometimes happened that they were busy or unreachable by phone. That caused a lot of back-and-forth calling and thus turmoil. That is now a thing of the past, especially since we started working with the driver app. With this app, which runs on the driver's smartphone, we can quickly relay information to the driver. In addition, the driver can report that activities are completed, but also quickly and easily see if there are any changes such as removing packaging. Signing a delivery note is also now a possibility".