Timesheet PayHours

Registration of activities combined with trip data and collective hour calculation

The integration of GPS-Buddy's Timesheet module with Yoursoft's Payhours NG makes employee remuneration easier than ever. By combining the registration of activities, absence and leave with trip records, a quick translation into hours, bonuses and allowances for drivers in accordance with company conditions and collective labour agreements is possible.


An additional advantage is that a clear insight into the employee's travel time and the number of hours he/she has been at a customer's premises also ensures fast and efficient invoicing to the customer. A distinction can be made between driver or co-driver and between travel hours and working hours per location.

10 TO 1,500 VEHICLES

Timesheet Payhours is suitable for companies with 10 to 1,500 vehicles in transport, environmental processing and construction or movers, couriers and manufacturing/trading companies with their own transport department.

    Seamless integration
    Automated entry and combination of trip data, new employees/vehicles/activities and changes in question paths per driver or co-driver.
  • Automatic corrections
    Easily distinguish between travel hours and working hours per location. Plus standardise and make corrections based on activity duration, location of work performed, location corrections, break corrections based on corresponding info in question paths.
  • Efficient payroll
    Wage administration in accordance with company-specific collective labour agreements and/or company regulations in multiple countries, including non-driving personnel.
  • Accurate invoicing
    Simple digital registration of activities and net hours spent per job ensures balanced administration and error-free invoicing to customers. Setting net hours against planned hours allows for pre- and post-calculation per assignment.
  • Planning on absence
    Insight into registered absences (sick, leave, etc.) in the planning module. This gives planners timely insight into the availability of employees when planning their trips.
  • Links and reporting
    Easy to link with payroll software and create clear reports at the push of a button.


If you would like to know more about Timesheet Payhours and what it can do for your organisation, contact us directly or leave your details on the contact form and we will contact you. 

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Vision on asset management

Operational director Oscar van der Spruit was interviewed for the tv programme 'The New Economy'. The focus is on the added value of data for Construction & Infra companies. In these sectors, enormous profits can be made by having a better grip on vehicles or large equipment, as well as on smaller equipment such as concrete mixers, aggregates or attachments.

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