Ties Schaafsma CEO GPS-Buddy
Ties Schaafsma, CEO

2021 Year of change, 2022 year of action

2021 was a year of change for us. By the end of 2020, it became clear to me that the whole situation around Covid, increased pressure on the transportation sector, a growing shortage of people, technological changes that were rushing through at a rapid pace required a different approach. All challenges that I have been facing for about 20 years, but this time they were crying out for change. Change in the way we as a team handle them. We are always driven to find new ways to make processes better. Love for technology and belief in the power of simplicity is the foundation that gave birth to GPS-Buddy. And we have strengthened that spirit again in the past year. 

Ties Schaafsma, CEO - January 2022


In recent years we have built up something beautiful, but last year I saw that we were no longer making optimal use of the opportunities. When we started, vehicles were not yet equipped with advanced technology, which made it difficult and very costly for companies to monitor their mobile workforce, let alone optimize it. Combining GPS trackers with smart software provided the solution our customers needed. We were the first in the market to link track&trace functionality to the navigation system in the vehicle in order to make it cheaper for organizations and easier for the driver. Now the application of GPS and data collection is only a small part of the game. What matters is what you do with that Big Data and how smartly you use the Internet of Things. All elements that we have added to our portfolio over the years, but have not been highlighted enough. 


So it was 'time for a change'. I started looking for someone who could take over several of my tasks and who would have a fresh look at the company. I found that person in Oscar van der Spruit last March. As COO he has joined the management team. Together we took a critical look at our portfolio of hardware, firmware, and software that we had built up in recent years. Then we worked out a plan for how we could deploy it even better. 


The wide range of products and functionalities are now being harmonized into a single multifunctional and modular fleet management and asset tracking system. Equipped with the very latest technology in the field of track&trace and fitted with integrated motion sensors and battery monitors.  All data, such as tachograph data, vehicle data or the temperature in a vehicle, is registered in near-real time and can be easily read. This enables the customer to manage his business processes based on facts and always have an overview of all his valuable assets. Depending on the requirements and wishes, our systems can be easily and quickly adjusted and expanded. In this way, the customer has all the functionalities that are important at his disposal and he only pays for what he uses. When I look at this, I dare say that it makes us stand out in the market.  


In the summer we started building a new interface for all applications and the website has been redesigned. We also launched a new product, CoreT Fleet, for measuring core temperature very accurately without probes and with which we have solved a major problem in conditioned transport. With this, we are now in the Innovation Top 100 of the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. 

The biggest project we picked up last year is the expansion of our asset management portfolio, with which we will be entering the market this year. And what is also still to come is a completely new business model which will turn the market upside down. 


So big changes are in motion and 2022 is going to be the year of action. I feel the energy of the start-up stage flowing again in our company and that gives us the drive to discover new ways and to continue developing practical solutions for our customers. We now have 1,800 customers with more than 52,000 vehicles and machines in 22 countries and, in addition to transport, also in sectors such as construction and civil engineering. That is what we do it for.