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Are you ready for the transition from 2G to 4G?

Under the name 'project Sunset', European governments announced several years ago that the frequencies of the 2G/3G network should be available for other purposes from 2025. Many telecom providers will phase out the 2G network by then. In the Netherlands and countries around us, preparations for this are already being made. In some European countries, 2G has already been shut down (e.g. Switzerland) or coverage is very limited (e.g. Luxembourg and Lithuania). Most vehicle tracking systems in the Netherlands are equipped with 2G modems for connectivity. It may seem far away, but now is the time to act!

Choose in time, choose smartly 
A tracking system with 2G internet connectivity determines the exact location of a vehicle or large equipment. This uses several roaming partners across Europe. These parties are carrying out the phase-out of 2G independently of each other, so the exact location of the vehicle cannot be determined with 100% certainty in the near future. We therefore advise not only Transport, but also companies in Construction and Infra, to switch to new track & trace units equipped with 4G connectivity in time. Particularly as all tracking system providers are dealing with this issue, so all fellow companies should switch to this new generation of hardware. This will make mechanics and components scarce in due course.

"Thank you government for creating this opportunity to switch to more functionality for the same price"

Turn the Sunset into a Sunrise 
Be on time and see this as an opportunity. We believe that the 'sun is not setting' but rather 'rising'. As a company, you are more or less forced to choose by the government. Do you then reinvest in the same kind of track & trace units, but with a 4G modem? Or do you smartly opt for units that are equipped with 4G and offer many more functionalities for the same amount of money?

XT4 is 4G with many extra features 
The latest XT4 features GPS and a rugged 4G modem. It monitors in real time the exact location and travelled route of the vehicle. It also comes standard with additional telematics functionalities, including advanced RFID gateway technology. And this turns your fleet management system into an Internet of Things network all at once. The XT4 is built into any type of vehicle ranging from a car, van or truck to heavier equipment such as a crane, bulldozer or shovel. In this way, the unit can function as a gateway in a smart network of RFID tags that makes it easy to locate smaller assets without a power supply, such as trailers, scaffolding or tools. In this way, you are not only able to manage all vehicles, but get a grip on all moving assets in the also newly developed central management platform. 

Save time and costs  
By creating your own smart Internet of Things network, you will be able to deploy your vehicles and equipment more efficiently. This way, you increase the utilisation rate of all moving assets and personnel. It also makes it easy to save on fuel consumption thanks to the comprehensive insight into your drivers' driving behaviour. Maintenance and inspection management is simplified by insight into the location of vehicles and equipment, plus tracking machine hours. And remotely downloadable vehicle data and driver cards prevent significant fines. 

If you want to know what benefits the new XT4 has for your organisation, contact us directly. A colleague from our sales team will show you how you can seize this opportunity and calculate the savings for your organisation in the process.