Desmond van Kooten, CCO

Digitizing business processes as a weapon against ever-increasing costs

In recent years, we experience that more and more customers and potential customers are looking for broader business solutions, rather than the traditional "dot on the map. The new generation of entrepreneurs wants to innovate. Optimizing business processes through digitization is becoming increasingly important to save costs and maintain or increase margins. And this is becoming easier and easier by using all the data, or Big Data, that is collected or can be collected.

Strength in combination Fleet & Asset Management
Our strength lies in the fact that we combine Fleet Management with Asset Management. So we not only collect information about the location or mileage of the vehicles; the standard track & trace with trip registration. We combine this with information from the tachograph and the CANbus of all vehicles within the organization. This simplifies processes such as planning, maintenance and payroll. The same system can also display all information about assets within an organization, enabling us to save up to 3 FTEs at some customers, as efficiency is increased.

Example Construction & Infra
An example that can be mentioned here is a Construction & Infra company that uses our Fleet Management system for mileage registration, time registration and payroll. They recently added driver scheduling to that. With the introduction of our asset tracking offering, they now also track large equipment and tools in the same system as the vehicles. As a result, they spend less time searching for equipment and it becomes possible to match planning to available equipment. The maintenance and inspection process, which is currently done manually, is also automated. More efficient planning and the elimination of manual searches for equipment will result in considerable savings in manpower. And last but not least: a saving in costs, because there is less downtime and theft.

Netherlands ahead in digitization
We see that the Dutch market is leading the way when it comes to digitalization of business processes. Using the experience of this market, we have built the new XT4 in such a way that it will be possible to add more and more functionality over time as required. Without having to replace the hardware in the interim because it does not meet the user requirements. Customers can therefore start with basic track & trace and trip registration and gradually expand to a full-fledged board computer in combination with Asset Management. This is in line with the wishes and level of innovation of customers from other European countries.

Example international transport
We already see that it produces unexpected combinations. We have been providing truck & trailer solutions for years. With the addition of Asset Management with RIFD tags to the total solution, our product has become especially attractive to international transporters facing lower margins. The RFID tags are a cost-effective solution to make truck and trailer combinations transparent.

Partnership with TD Synnex
Through the partnership we are entering into with TD Synnex (formerly TechData), we are deploying the multitude of solutions to a broad group of customers through specialized Managed Service Providers. In this way, we remain attractive to both companies that are at the beginning of the digitization process, as well as to companies that are extensively digitizing and fully committed to innovation.

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