Our Journey and Future

From Fleet Management to Innovative Asset Tracking

Twenty years ago, we started in Fleet Management. Back then, we were mainly developing devices that could not only track vehicles, but also communicate with them. This was our core and this is where our focus still lies. However, technology has developed enormously and our customers' needs have grown with it. We provide the data with which entire business processes can be further optimised. This saves significant costs in time, fuel and materials, increases margins and thus improves competitiveness. That is what small differences are all about in these times. 

GPS technology 

Our journey began with simple devices that could read the location of vehicles. Today, we can do much more than that. Think about reading tachographs completely wirelessly and remotely, without the hassle of USB sticks. As well as CANbus data or data from sensors. These days, it's not just about the position of vehicles, but also the wider context: what is happening to my fleet? GPS technology obviously remains an important component, but we have added additional functionalities in context to provide a better overview. 

Our equipment continuously transmits information via both GPS and 4G. This ensures that we can not only track location, but also collect and analyse other crucial data. These technologies are applicable in various sectors such as construction, infrastructure, service logistics and at municipalities. So our customer base is broad and diverse. 

More than just vehicles 

What is often forgotten is that asset tracking goes beyond vehicles. It also includes warehouses and even companies that want to know who has which laptop. This is why we have developed a platform that links fleet management to asset management, two worlds that were previously separate. 

Industrial Airtag 

With our platform, we can not only track assets, but also support key processes. Imagine: a plane lands and wants to unload passengers, but it cannot do so until the block is in front of the front wheel. Here it is not about the value of an asset, but about the business process behind it. Our platform provides a dashboard with not only the entire fleet of vehicles, but also the information on large and small tools. We have developed an industrial version of the Apple Airtag, so to speak, but with much greater range and reliability. 

Large range 

Our technology has a range of 1.5 km in open field and we are currently working on a version that can reach 7 km. This allows it to operate in a similar playing field to networks such as LORA and ZIGFOX, which are mainly used on large construction sites, in ports and hospitals. By installing tracking systems in different places, we can map entire locations. 

A recent project in the municipality of Apeldoorn is a good example of this. We built units into lampposts to monitor all assets within the municipality. The possibilities are endless, but for now we are focusing on our core markets: construction, infrastructure, logistics and service companies. 

Inspections and maintenance 

Our platform allows users to monitor all assets via an app or web application. This is widely used in construction, including for locating assets for inspection, maintenance or certification. 

CO2 reporting

Our system also offers benefits in terms of CO2 reduction. By incorporating our equipment, you can accurately collect data on the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of vehicles and machines. This is becoming increasingly important, especially with the upcoming legislation around commuting for companies with more than 100 employees. 

Our devices contribute to higher traceability and a more accurate network. In the Netherlands, 10,000 vehicles are now equipped with our system, but there is still room for growth. The bigger our network, the better the coverage and the more accurate the data. This is useful not only for locating assets, but also for generating CO2 reports, which can be transferred to accountants for annual reports. 

Data as the fuel for businesses 

We see data as the fuel for businesses. Data that shows not only the location of vehicles and assets but also information on humidity, temperature, fuel consumption and driver behaviour. All this is displayed in our easy-to-use application. 

Our technology provides accurate, anonymous data that can be contractually recorded if the device is built in at a person-level.This is very useful, for example, for the business leasing market within Europe, where additional taxes on cars often cause a lot of hassle. With a device from GPS-Buddy, this discussion becomes unnecessary. 

Developed in-house 

Our software and hardware are developed entirely in-house, in accordance with European laws and regulations. Our servers are housed in the iconic Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Data is what sets our clients apart from the competition. It can pinpoint how they can be more efficient with cost items such as fuel consumption and staff costs. And this is applicable in any organisation. 

With more and more new possibilities on the horizon, the main question remains: where does it stop? For now, we remain focused on our core markets and our mission to give companies a grip on their moving assets. Our slogan therefore remains: "Grip on Moving Assets." 

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