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Privacy statement GPS-Buddy holdings b.v. hereinafter referred to as GPS-Buddy


Your privacy is important to GPS-Buddy; your trust is of the utmost importance to us.
In this statement we make public which information policy we use for the websites of GPS-Buddy and for our affiliated businesses. This varies from the kind of information we gather regarding the users of our websites, to maintaining the way this information is used, exchanged or processed offline in any other way. This statement also includes a description of the way cookies and other techniques can be used regarding our software products.

Now and then, we may add extra information to this statement with respect to a certain contact we engage in with you.


You may choose in numerous situations to give us your personal details directly. You can, for example, give us your name and contact details if you want to communicate with us, or if you order a product, if an order of yours needs to be processed, if you register for a service, if you would like a subscription, or – if you are a supplier or business partner – if you want to do business with us. If you want to buy something from us, then you perhaps also give us your credit card details and when you apply for a job at GPS-Buddy, you may give us a description of your education and your work experience. When you inform us that you don’t want us to use your personal details for contact that goes beyond dealing with your request, then we will always respect that wish.

We can also gather information regarding the way you use our website. We use various techniques to do this. If you visit our website, we, for example, can record certain information that your browser sends us, such as your IP address, or the type of browser you use, the type of browser language and the time of your visit and the addresses of websites that refer to us. Furthermore, we are able to gather information about the pages you visit within our sites and about other actions that you perform while visiting us. We can make use of techniques to establish whether you have opened an email, or whether you clicked on a certain link in an email. By recording information this way, we can gather details about the use and the effectiveness of our website and our software products. This way, we can make your experience more personal and we can attune our communication better to individuals.

Now and then, we are able to gather information via other sources, such as via suppliers or customer databases that have an indirect effect on you. When we do this, we ask the supplier concerned to guarantee us that the information was given to them legally and that we are entitled to use the information acquired by them.

The information we directly or indirectly gather, can be merged to help us improve its accuracy and completeness and to attune our contacts with you better.


The following paragraphs describe in more detail in what way GPS-Buddy can use your personal details.


If you request something at GPS-Buddy, for example a product or service, certain marketing materials, or that you are phoned back, then we use the information that you grant to handle your request. In order to do this, it is possible that we exchange details with others who are involved with handling your request, such as business partners of GPS-Buddy, financial institutions, transport and mail companies, or government bodies, such as the customs. With regard to a transaction, we can also contact you within the scope of a customer satisfaction survey or market research.


The information we gather about you, we may use to let you work with our websites in a personal manner. We may, for example, offer you content that you are interested in and we can make it easier for you to navigate on our sites.


We can use your personal details to support the products and services that you have bought from us. We may, for example, inform you on an update or fix of a certain product.

If we grant you technical support, this sometimes gives us access to details you have put at our disposal or details that are in your system. These details may contain information about you or about the employees, customers, partners or suppliers of your organisation. This privacy statement does not hold for cases in which we have access to this information; the conditions referring to handling and processing such details falls under the conditions of use or other agreements between you and GPS-Buddy.


Just like the information we have gathered about you indirectly, the information issued to GPS-Buddy by yourself, can be used by us for marketing purposes. Before we do this, however, we give you the opportunity to state whether or not this information can be used by you this way. You can tell us at any moment that you no longer wish to receive any marketing material from us. For that purpose, please follow the deregistration instructions (‘unsubscribe’) that were enclosed in every email you have received from us. You can also tell us this when we call you, or contact us directly (see below ‘Questions about privacy and access to your details’).


If you apply at GPS-Buddy, or when you respond to a vacancy that is whether or not placed on a website of GPS-Buddy, it is possible that you grant us information about yourself, such as your CV. We can use that information everywhere within GPS-Buddy, to deal with your application or response. We will not record your information after having dealt with the application proceedings, unless you request us to do so.


GPS-Buddy puts mobile apps at your disposal that can be downloaded from various so-called ‘mobile application market places’. On a number of her websites, GPS-Buddy also offers tools in the area of social computing, in order to make the online exchange of information and cooperation possible for persons who have registered for the use of those tools. Among these are blogs and other platforms for social media. If you download these applications and use them, or if you register for the use of these social computing tools, GPS-Buddy may ask you to grant certain personal details. This privacy statement applies to the registration details, and such details are protected in accordance with this privacy statement, with the exception of information that is not put at the disposal of other participants automatically, as part of your profile. These applications and tools can also be accompanied by additional privacy statements with specific information about the gathering and processing of details. In order to understand what these application and tools possibly do, you should read the additional statements. This privacy statement does not apply to all other content that you put at the disposal of others, for example images, information, opinions or other personal information that you make known to other participants of these social platforms or applications. Instead, to such content, the conditions of use of the platforms and applications concerned are applicable, plus possible additional guidelines and privacy details that are granted when using them, just like the proceedings with which you can remove your content from such tools. Please look at the guidelines and privacy details when you want to know more about your rights and obligations, the rights and obligations of GPS-Buddy and of other parties with reference to such content. Please keep in mind that the content you put at the disposal of others at such platforms for social computing, can be made available to others within and outside of GPS-Buddy.


If we have reasonable grounds to suspect that the rights or ownerships of GPS-Buddy, our business partners, suppliers, customers or others are endangered, we can also use your information, or put this information at the disposal of others, to protect those rights or ownerships. Furthermore, we have the right to reveal your personal details if we are requested to do so by law, and if we believe that revealing them is necessary to protect our rights or those of others, or in order to comply with a legal judgment, a legal order or legal proceedings regarding our websites and/or apps.


If you represent a client of our systems and services, you can go to the websites of GPS-Buddy that are intended specifically for users. These are protected with a password. Information that is granted to you here will solely be used for fulfilling the contract between GPS-Buddy and her client.


GPS-Buddy is a European organisation with cross-border business processes, management structures and technical systems. As such, we can exchange information about you within GPS-Buddy and transfer that information to other countries in Europe, were we do business. Such exchange only takes place in connection with the use mentioned above, and in agreement with this privacy statement. Our privacy policy is aimed at the best possible protection of your personal details, everywhere in the world.

In some cases, for the gathering, use, analysing and other ways of processing information, GPS-Buddy makes use of suppliers that are established in other countries. It is common that GPS-Buddy requires such suppliers to treat information in a manner that is in agreement with the policy of GPS-Buddy. Now and then we can reveal information that is personal and that we have gathered on our websites, to non GPS-Buddy entities that serve as our suppliers, such as our business partners. With the exception of what is described in this privacy statement, we will only do this after you have given us permission for that. We cannot sell such information, nor can we give it in lease.


We want to protect your personal details, and we want to maintain the accuracy of it. GPS-Buddy implements in fairness physical, administrative and technical security measures, in order to protect your personal details against unauthorised access, unauthorised use and unauthorised revelation. We, for example encrypt certain sensitive personal details, such as credit card details, when we send these details via the internet. We also require of our suppliers that they protect such details against unauthorised access, unauthorised use and unauthorised revelation.


We save your registration details as long as your account is active, or as long as it is necessary to grant you the agreed upon services. If you request us to no longer use your registration details to grant you these services, then you can contact us. We will keep your registration details and use them as far as that is necessary to comply with our legal obligations, to solve disputes and to execute our agreements.


Cookies are small text files that are placed on the computer of the visitor by a page of the website. GPS-Buddy uses cookies to optimise the functionality of certain pages of the website. Cookies are also used to remember your settings and preferences, so we can be of service to you even better at a next visit.

 - Functional cookies
GPS-Buddy places at first functional cookies herself. These cookies are necessary to be able to grant the service requested by you. Functional cookies make sure, for example that you do not need to log in again at every page of the website and these functional cookies remember filled in forms on the website.

- ‘Session’ cookies
Apart from functional cookies, GPS-Buddy also places cookies that are saved on your computer only for a limited period of time. As soon as you close your web browser, these cookies are removed automatically from your computer. These so-called ‘session’ cookies are used to map out your surf behaviour on the website during a certain visit. GPS-Buddy can adapt the needs of the visitors with the assistance of these details.

- Permanent cookies
GPS-Buddy also places cookies that remain on your computer for a longer period of time. With the assistance of these so-called permanent cookies, the website recognises you when you visit again. These cookies offer us the possibility to show you the website that is adapted to your preferences specifically. Since your preferences have already been set up, you save time when you visit the website again and this makes the use of it more pleasant.

 You can remove cookies from your computer at all times, by setting up your browser in such a way that it does not accept cookies and/or by removing in your browser all cookies that were already placed. There is also the possibility to set up the browser in such a way that it (does not) allows the use of cookies or partly allows it. This way, you need to take into account that removing cookies may have as a consequence that certain parts of the website no longer function properly.


To make it possible for you to work interactively with other websites on which you may have an account (such as Facebook and other social media sites), or to take part in communities on such sites, we can show images of links or applications of third parties, so you can register via our websites, can place content via our website, or are able to take part in communities via our websites. The privacy policy of the third parties concerned applies to your use of these links and applications, so before you use the links and applications, make sure you know of those privacy policies. GPS-Buddy is not responsible for the privacy policy and the contents of such other websites.


In case of actual changes/updates in this privacy statement, we will place a message on top of this page for 30 days, with which we point out to our users what the changes and updates are. If we want to use your personal details in a way that deviates from the way that applied on the moment that the details were gathers, we will inform you of this and you will have the opportunity to mention whether we may or may not use your personal details in that new way.


If you have a questions about this privacy statement or about the handling or your details by GPS-Buddy, please send an email to privacy@gps-buddy.com attn. the ‘Functionaris Gegevensbescherming’. You can also contact us at +31 36 5382880.

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 In some cases it is possible to look at your personal details via internet, or to change them. When your details are not accessible via internet and you would like to have a copy of certain details that you have given to GPS-Buddy, or when you notice that the details are incorrect and you want us to correct them, please contact us. Before GPS-Buddy is allowed to pass on details to you or to correct mistakes, we may possibly ask you for a confirmation of your identity, and possible other details, in order to help us give a response to your request. We will contact you within fourteen days after your request.

 When you no longer wish to receive any marketing emails from GPS-Buddy, please send us an email at info@gps-buddy.com or follow the deregistration instructions (‘unsubscribe’) that are included in every marketing email.


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