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hereinafter referred to as GPS-Buddy

Your privacy really matters to GPS-Buddy; your trust in us of upmost importance.

In this statement, we disclose which information policy we use for the websites of GPS-Buddy and our associated enterprises varying from the kind of information that we collect and monitor concerning the users of our websites to the way in which that information is used, exchanged or otherwise processed offline. It will also be described here how cookies and other techniques are used in our software products.

We may add extra information to this statement from time to time in regard to a certain form of contact that we have with you.

The collection of personal data
There are countless situations wherein you can choose to submit your personal data to us directly. You can, for example, provide us with your name and contact information if you would like to communicate with us, when you order a product, when an order you have made needs to be processed, when you would like a subscription with us, or when you are supplier or business partner who would like to do business with us. When you want to buy something from us,  you might provide us with your credit card information or when you apply for a job vacancy at GPS-Buddy, you might perhaps provide a description of your educational background and work experience. If you indicate to us that you do not want us to use the information for contact that goes beyond the further processing  of your request, then we will honour that request at all times.

We may also collect information concerning your use of our website. We utilise various techniques for this. When you visit our website, we can, for example, establish certain information that is passed on to us by the browser, such as your IP address, the type of browser you use, the time of your visit and the addresses of websites that direct back to us. Furthermore, we may collect information about the pages that you have viewed within our sites and other actions you have carried out while you visit our site. We may use techniques to establish whether you have opened an e-mail or clicked on a certain link in an e-mail. With this way of establishing information, we can collect data about the use and efficacy of our website and software products, we can make the experience more personal and further customise our communication to the individuals concerned.

Once in a while, we may also process data that is indirectly related to you via other sources that include supplier and client files. Whenever we do this, we ask the suppliers concerned to guarantee that the data has been acquired by them in a lawful manner and if we have the right to process and use that data.

The use of that data that we collect, directly or indirectly, may be compiled to help us improve the general accuracy and completeness of the data and better customise our contact with you.

Use of personal data
A more detailed description of how GPS-Buddy may use your personal data is provided in the following paragraphs.

Processing of your transaction requests
When you order a product, service or marketing materials from GPS-Buddy, for example, or when you are called back, we use the information you provide to process your request. To make this possible, we may possibly exchange the information with others involved with the processing, including, for example, business partners of GPS-Buddy, financial institutions, transport and postal companies or government agencies, like customs. In connection to a transaction, we may also contact you in the context of a customer satisfaction survey or market research.

Personalisation of our websites
The information that we collect about you may be used to allow you to work with our websites in a personal way. This way, we can offer you, for example, content that interests you and make navigation on our sites more convenient for you.

The offering of support
We may use your personal data to provide support for our products and services that you have purchased from us. This way, we can, for example, inform you about an update or fix of a certain product.

Whenever we provide you with technical support, we may occasionally acquire access to data that you have made available to us that is found on your system. This data may contain information about you and even about the employees, customers, partners or suppliers of your organisation. This privacy statement does not apply to cases in which we have access to this information; the conditions with regard to the handling and processing of such information falls under the applicable use or user conditions or other agreements between you and GPS-Buddy.

Just like the information about you that we have indirectly collected, the information you have provided to GPS-Buddy may be used us for marketing objectives.  Before we do that, however, we first give you the opportunity to indicate whether you would like your information to be used for such purposes. At any moment, you can make it known to us that you no longer wish to receive marketing materials from us. To do this, please follow the “unsubscribe” instructions that have been included in every e-mail you receive from us, tell us so whenever we call, or contact us directly (see “Questions about privacy and access to your data,” below).

Whenever you apply to GPS-Buddy or when you respond to a job vacancy that may or may not have been placed on the website of GPS-Buddy, it is possible that you provide us with information about yourself, such as your CV, for example. We can use that information anywhere within GPS-Buddy to process your application or response. Unless you request us to do this, we will not store the information after the processing of the application procedure.

Mobile apps and the use of information in the social computing environment
GPS-Buddy makes mobile apps available that can be downloaded from various so-called “mobile application marketplaces”. On a number of its websites, GPS-Buddy also offers tools in the area of social computing in order to make the online exchange of information  and collaboration possible  for persons who have registered to use those tools. Blogs and other platforms for social media are a part of these. When you download and use these applications, or when you register to use these social computing tools, GPS-Buddy may ask whether you wish to provide certain personal data. This privacy statement applies to the registration information and such data is protected in accordance with this privacy statement, with the exception of information that is not automatically made available to other participants as part of your profile. These applications and tools may also be accompanied by supplementary privacy statements with specific information about the collection and processing of information. In order to understand what the applications and tools do, you need to read the supplementary statements. This privacy statement does not apply to all other content that you make available, for example, images, information, opinions or other kinds of personal information that you make known to other participants of these social platforms or applications. Instead, the user conditions of the platforms and applications concerned apply, plus any possible additional guidelines and privacy information that is provided thereof, as well as the processes with which you can remove the content from such tools or acquire help to do so. Consult the guidelines and privacy information if you would like to know more about your rights and obligations, the rights of GPS-Buddy and those of other parties concerning such content. Take into account that the content that you make available on such platforms for social computing may be made widely available to others within, and outside GPS-Buddy.

Protection of rights and properties of  GPS-Buddy and others
When we have reasonable grounds to suspect that the rights and properties of GPS-Buddy, our business partners, suppliers, clients or others are at stake, we may also use or make your information available for the protection of those rights and properties. Also, we reserve the right to be able to disclose your personal data whenever the law requires or whenever we are of the opinion that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights or those of others, or to comply with a court ruling, court order or a legal procedure concerning our websites and/or apps.

Information for users of our hard- and software
If you represent a client of our systems and services, you can visit the websites of GPS-Buddy that are specifically intended for users. These are secured by a password. The information that is provided to you here is exclusively used for the compliance to the agreement between GPS-Buddy and its client.

Exchange of personal data and transfer abroad
GPS-Buddy is a European organisation with international business processes, management structures and technical systems. As such, we can exchange information about you within GPS-Buddy and convey that information to other countries in Europe where we do business. This exchange takes place in conjunction with the aforementioned use and and in accordance with this privacy statement. Our privacy policy is aimed at providing the best possible  protection of your personal data, anywhere in the world.

In some cases, GPS-Buddy uses suppliers that are established in other countries for collecting, using, analysing or otherwise processing information. It is customary that GPS-Buddy expects these suppliers to handle information in a way that also correlates to the policy of GPS-Buddy. From time to time, we may also disclose information related to your person and which we have collected on our websites to non-GPS-Buddy entities that function as our suppliers, as for instance, our business partners. With the exception of that which is described in this privacy statement, we will only do this after you have given permission to do so. We shall not however, sell or lease such information.

Exchange of personal data and transfer abroad
Circumstances may be such that GPS-Buddy, for strategic or other reasons, decides to sell, buy, merge or otherwise reorganise companies in certain countries. Such a transaction may entail the disclosure of personal data to possible or actual buyers, or so that such information is received by buyers. It is customary that GPS-Buddy strives for appropriate protection with these kinds of transactions. If GPS-Buddy, for the objectives described below, conveys information outside the country where the information was collected, GPS-Buddy will comply with the applicable legislation. With information that comes from a member state of the European Union, GPS-Buddy uses a number of mechanisms for information  transfer (including model contract conditions). Be aware that personal data must be disclosed to government authorities under certain circumstances as a result of a court decision, court order or legal procedure. When we have reasonable grounds to suspect that the rights and properties of GPS-Buddy, our business partners, suppliers, clients or others are at stake, we may also use or make your information available for the protection of those rights and properties.

Security and accuracy of information
We want to protect our personal data and maintain its accuracy. GPS-Buddy implements reasonable physical, administrative and technical security measures to protect your personal data against access, unauthorised use and unauthorised disclosure. We encrypt, for example, certain sensitive personal data, including credit card information whenever we send that information via the Internet. Our suppliers also want us to protect such information against unauthorised access, use and disclosure.

We store your registration information for as long as your account is active or as long as necessary to provide you with the concluded services. If you would like to request that we no longer use your registration information to provide you with services, you can contact us. We shall store and use your registration information insofar as this is necessary for compliance to our legal obligations, solving disputes and execution of our agreements.

Cookies are small text files that are placed by a page of a website on the computer of the visitor. GPS-Buddy uses cookies to optimise the functionality of certain pages of the website. Cookies can also be used to store your settings and preferences which enable us, during your next visit, to better serve you, with, among others:
– Functional cookies
GPS-Buddy initially places its own cookies. These cookies are necessary so that we can supply you the service you request. Functional cookies ensure, for example, that you, after logging in, will not have to login every time you go to a new page and these functional cookies store the forms that have been completed on the website.
– Session cookies
In addition to functional cookies, GPS-Buddy also places cookies that are only stored on your computer for a limited time. As soon as you close your web browser, these cookies are automatically removed from your computer. These so-called session cookies chart your surfing behaviour on the website during a particular visit. With  the help of this information, GPS-Buddy can adapt its website to meet the needs of the visitors.
– Permanent cookies
GPS-Buddy also places cookies that remain on your computer for a longer period of time. Based on these so-called permanent cookies, the website can recognise you upon your next visit. These cookies offer us the possibility of displaying the website to you so that is is specifically adapted to your prefernces. Because you have recently set your preferences, you save time during your next visit and this makes the use of the website more pleasant for you.

You can remove cookies from your computer at all times by setting your browser so that it does not accept cookies and/or by removing all recently placed cookies. The possibility also exists to set your browser that it will not or only partially allow the use of cookies. In doing so, you must take into account that the removal of cookies may result in certain parts of the website no longer functioning or functioning well.

Links to non-GPS-Buddy websites and third party applications
To make it possible for you to work interactively with other websites on which you may have an account (such as Facebook or other social media sites) or to participate in a community or other sites, we may display links or imbed applications of third parties so that you can register from our website, place content or participate in communities. The privacy policy of the third parties concerned applies to your use of these links and applications, and prior to using the links or applications, you must be aware of the privacy policies in question. GPS-Buddy is not responsible for the privacy policy and the content of these other websites.

Notice of changes
With actual changes/updates to this privacy statement, we shall place a notice for 30 days at the top of this page wherein we notify users of these changes or updates. If we wish to use your personal data in a way that deviates from the manner that applied at the moment we collected the data, we will notify you and you will be given the opportunity to indicate if we may or may not use your personal data in the new way.

Questions about privacy and access to your information
If you have any questions about this privacy statement or the treatment of your data by GPS-Buddy, please send an e-mail to and address it to the attention of the Data Protection Officer. You can also contact us on #00 31 36-538 2880.

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In some cases, it is possible to view or change your personal data via the Internet. If your data is accessible via the Internet and you would like a copy of certain information that you have provided to GPS-Buddy or if you notice that your data is incorrect and you would like to correct it, please contact us. Before GPS-Buddy can give you information or correct inaccuracies, we may ask you to confirm your identity and possibly other information so that we can respond to your request. We will contact you within 14 days of our request.

If you no longer wish to receive marketing e-mails from GPS-Buddy, please send an e-mail to or follow the “unsubscribe” instructions included in every marketing e-mail.



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