Track & Trace with RFID, 4G and built-in connection to tachograph and CANbus

The new XT4: ready for the future

The XT4 is the core of our Fleet & Asset Management system. It acts as a mother ship that generates all the necessary data for our customers' various business processes. The new generation tracking unit with RFID-gateway technology is built into all types of vehicles ranging from a car, van or truck to large equipment such as a crane, bulldozer or shovel. In addition to real-time monitoring of the exact location and mileage of the vehicle or asset, the XT4 unit comes standard with additional telematics functionalities that can be switched on or off as required. 

"The integration of telecommunications with information technology (telematics) brings endless possibilities. More and more assets, including vehicles and other large equipment, are being equipped with telematics solutions and linked together to form an Internet of Things (IoT) network. To exploit the full potential of IoT, we have expanded our track & trace unit," says Oscar van de Spruit, COO of GPS-Buddy.   

Among other things, the new XT4 is equipped with RFID so that it acts as a gateway in the vast network of RF-tags. Using NFC, tags are easily connected to the XT4 unit. In addition, the XT4 passes on even more information from the tachograph and the CANBUS to the management portal, known as STUDIO. All new units are also equipped with a robust 4G connection so we don't have to worry about connectivity and data access for a long time to come. Because that is where the key to our customers' success lies.  

Additional functionalities XT4  
The additional telematics functionalities built into the new XT4 allow you to easily monitor driver behaviour such as acceleration, braking, cornering, thresholds and speed. In addition, the units also act as a gateway for data from temperature, door sensors and RFID tags within the system. With the XT4, tachograph data can be read and downloaded remotely. You can also monitor vehicle or equipment operating hours through CANbus or free I/O ports. With the built-in connected CANbus module, you also have insight into your fuel consumption and driving behaviour, and a carbon emission calculation is easily made. Connecting the CANbus to the odo meter guarantees 100% accurate kilometre records.    

IoT with 4G  
IoT applications have low data consumption and therefore generally use the mobile 2G network. With the imminent decommissioning of 2G in 2025, the decision was made to use 4G network connectivity right away.  In this way, vehicles and assets can always be tracked and upgrading of tracking devices will not be necessary in the coming years.    

Save time and costs  
By creating your own IoT network with gateway functionality, you deploy your fleet more efficiently and increase the utilisation rate of equipment and staff. It also becomes easy to save on fuel consumption thanks to the comprehensive insight into your drivers' driving behaviour. Maintenance and inspection management is simplified by insight into vehicle and equipment location, plus tracking machine hours. And remote downloadable vehicle data and driver cards prevent significant fines.   

To find out more about the new XT4, contact us or check the product sheet